Things I wish I would’ve learned…

1 – How to bottle tomatoe juice so, in the middle of winter, I could pull out a bottle and mix it with elbow macoroni when Glory got too cold outside.

2 – How to make homeade noodles so I could hang them on the chairs around my dining room table and my grandkids could run by & steal them.

3 – How to make real, white bread – the kind that you knead with your grandaughter but she complains the whole time because her arms hurt.

4 – How to knit/sew baby blankets and Christmas stockings because even though you’re gone, we’re still adding new family members.

5 – How to make gravy – just yummy, thick, tangy gravy.

I miss you gram.  Happy Birthday.  I love you every minute.


October 1st!

Welcome to October and the birth of the new blog!

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