Things I wish I would’ve learned…

1 – How to bottle tomatoe juice so, in the middle of winter, I could pull out a bottle and mix it with elbow macoroni when Glory got too cold outside.

2 – How to make homeade noodles so I could hang them on the chairs around my dining room table and my grandkids could run by & steal them.

3 – How to make real, white bread – the kind that you knead with your grandaughter but she complains the whole time because her arms hurt.

4 – How to knit/sew baby blankets and Christmas stockings because even though you’re gone, we’re still adding new family members.

5 – How to make gravy – just yummy, thick, tangy gravy.

I miss you gram.  Happy Birthday.  I love you every minute.

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4 comments on “Things I wish I would’ve learned…

  1. Gordon says:

    Very sweet, Kery Lynne.

  2. missingmercy says:

    I love you doll. So very wonderful.

  3. Leslie says:

    Grandmothers are those special people that touch our hearts deeper than anyone.

    Enjoy the back forty Keri as someone who has been playing in the back forty for awhile…I can tell you the best is yet to come. 🙂


  4. Sigh says:

    Touching tribute.

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