I didn’t count them all.  This is how it happened.

866 days ago, I was waiting in a hospital, watching CNN.  Breaking news said that “just minutes ago, Micheal Jackson was found dead in his LA home”.  Of course I was on pins & needles, waiting to hear the story.  But then some nosy nurse popped in and said, “she’s coming now.  Let’s go meet your daughter”.

So there you have it.  My sweet Glory was born just moments after the King of Pop died and since his murder trial ended today (with a conviction), I heard again & again how old my daughter is long ago he died.  I’m all about celebrating.  I bake a cake every ten days or so.  We’re even known to blow out candles.  But really, this was beyond my idea.  It’s on the news.  It’s on the people.com homepage.  It’s on facebook!

Remember this mouse?  It was her exact size when she was born.  Now she’s just a little girl with her mouse.  She’s also a million other beautiful things…

Happy 866, baby girl!  I love you more & more each day.  And can’t wait for cake.


5 comments on “866

  1. Amy says:

    OmG, that picture is ridiculous!!! How can you stand it?

  2. Sigh says:

    the kind of joy in her face that makes your heart jump a bit! =)

  3. Wouldn’t it be awesome if she was the next queen of pop…well, maybe…anyway, bee-yoo-ti-ful picture of Miss Glory Ella!

  4. You’re moving ? What ? You’re moving and not blogging about it ? What ?

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