Adoption Day

So, November is National Adoption Month and I was asked to share our adoption story on my blog today.  The hope is to bring attention to the children in the world that need a home and to the blessing of the ability to adopt.

Adopting never really occured to me.  Well, that’s a lie.  I guess, when I was growing up, I used to tell my grandma and mom that I wouldn’t give birth but would just adopt all my babies. I suppose I wanted to grow up and be Brad Pitt.  But when I was old enough to really think of having children, adoption was never on the table.

The first time we ever talked about it was after our first failed IVF.  I had 17 unsuccessful IUI’s behind that and I think Cristy was ready to throw it in the mix of ideas.  Just as she thought, I threw it right out.

For a few different reasons, having a biological child meant something more to me.  I not only wanted to feel it but I also wanted a full, legal status as a parent.  Adopting felt uncertain to me.  The legal document still felt like … paper.

But after our 2nd failed IVF, I jumped ship.  I was told by my doctors that no doctor would ever try that on my body again – that I could go back to doing insems but that certainly hadn’t worked so well in the past.  It was enough of a “no” to shift my thinking and once that happened, my whole world opened up.  Just by being open to it, I knew – no matter what – I was about to be a mother.

We met with a couple of agencies throughout the process and were told that the average wait was about 9 months.  Ironic, right?  But it spoke true.  From our 1st meeting with one agency, 2 babies missed, and our last agency that brought my baby to me, it was almost exactly 9 months.

Meeting Glory was one of the best moments of my life.  No different, no more, no less of a miracle than meeting Gracie.  She came through the door, straight from her birthmoms belly.  One set of hands held her before me – just like before.  It was more than enough proof that I couldn’t love her any more than if I had known her the 9 months prior.  Because really, she had lived in my heart for many, many years.

The gift of Glory, from her birthmother, is the greatest gift I can imagine.  Adoption has filled me in every way I had dreamed.  After all the years of “trying” for her, all it took was She is ours and we are hers.


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