1 Year Anniversary

Seems funny to say but exactly one year ago, I told a practical stranger that I was his.  I re-lived it a few times today and still felt all the same anxiety.  I thought he had known as long as me.  He asked me one simple question that changed my life.

“Where did you get those pretty, blue eyes?”

I read it and re-read it.  I was at work and my co-workers gave me the strength to be smart ass by answering,

“I don’t know.  You tell me.”

From those two lines on facebook, an entire suprising conversation took place.  And here we are a year later and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve known him only a year and yet I feel like he’s loved me all my life.  Being around him is comfortable.  He’s loving and interesting.  He’s smart and talented and funny.  I like to think I get my “funny” from him but I’m not sure he think I’m funny enough.  <grin>  We laugh.  I thoroughly enjoy spending time with him and intend on making up for all the time I’ve missed.

Just lucky.

Happy Anniversary, daddy.  I love you.

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One comment on “1 Year Anniversary

  1. Gordon says:

    The joy and pleasure has been all mine, dear daughter. Having you in my life has been heavenly. My only regrets are centered on all the years we missed together. However, it balances out when I think of all the may things we are all doing together, to make up lost time. We all love you dearly, most especially me.

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