A Good Year for Santa

Santa Keri Claus has had a lot of love from Miss Glory this year.  Which is good because, after last year, I’m not sure he thought he’d have a.n.y.

We went to Build a Bear a couple of weeks ago and Glory made her 1st bear.  As we were leaving we thought we’d swing by Santa’s House and see if she was interested.  There wasn’t a line.  She peeked in for a second then walked right up and sat down!  Holding her new bear (named Ella Snow) she kissed him on the cheek and told him what she wanted for Christmas.  Sadly, we don’t know the language she was speaking so still… no answers there.

Glory & Santa

Then, last week we went again – hoping to get a photo with Santa and Glory’s baby cousins.

Cutie Pies!

And around here, we’ve been up to a lot of Christmas too!  We got a new angel for our tree, we’ve decked the halls and Yeager was even willing to sit and have a photo with the sister that adores him.

Glory holding the new Angel

Sweet Glory giving the tree a kiss goodnight - EVERY night.

Trying to hide behind her stocking...

Cheese'ing with her Big Brother

So far, a lovely month – and a whole lotta lovely yet to come!


4 comments on “A Good Year for Santa

  1. GREAT pictures. That first one (and story) is priceless.
    The one behind her stocking is great……as Ellen calls it….peeping.
    I did a bit of this in NY this weekend ! ha ha

  2. merr says:

    Fun, fun pics! Those are both great Santas, where did you find them? I am looking forward to Christmas morning this year with Khapri. So much fun the older they get!

    • Keri says:

      The first Santa was at Fashion Place (my fave!) & the 2nd was at South Towne. I can’t wait either – Glory seems so excited about Everything this year. xo!

  3. It’s so cliche, but she is getting soooo big and grown up looking. I have no wisdom for toilet training. All I can say is good luck, and that I’m going to be much more relaxed and let it be on his timeline with L’il C. I will also cry that I’m losing my baby. 😦

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