Potty Training.

Glory will be 2 1/2 on Christmas Day.  At 2:31pm, to be exact.  My goal was to have her potty trained AND off the ninya (bink) by this day.  Neither of these things are going to happen and yes, it’s all my fault.

When Glory was in school, she was about to go cold turkey.  They actually never allowed binks and they go diaper’less at age 2.  Not a day earlier and not a day later. They’re amazing and I looked forward to them doing most of the work.  But we pulled her out ON her 2nd birthday so it was no good at all for me.  She’s been saying potty for about 2 months.  She tells me “poo poo, mommy!”  She’s used the toilet about 10 times but only to pee and it’s always terribly exciting.  I’m the lazy one.  I only put her on the toilet every third day or so.  Still, she’s in to it!

So it seems we’re not that far off, right?  Wrong.  The idea of actually starting it full time makes my stomach hurt.  It’s gonna be messy and I hate messy.  It’s gonna hurt her feelings when she has accidents and I hate that too.  (altho I’m really gonna try hard to avoid that)  But the biggest part is that once my baby isn’t in diapers, I’m gonna have a really hard time thinking of her as a baby.

I’m trying to think of all the positives… like… her cute little bum in jeans, buying Wonder Woman panties and well, that’s it.  No more long drives.  No more chubby diaper butt.  No more baby.

So, wish me luck and tell me I’m going to survive.  Tell me if you kept your child on one floor for 3 days or if you set a timer every fifteen minutes.  Tell me the tricks of the trade, friends.  This is my first time around with this sort of thing.  A mom needs the 411~!

Really mom???


9 comments on “Potty Training.

  1. Stacy says:

    Yay for potty-ing!!! 🙂 It’s such a pain. lol But well worth it when they’re teenagers and you don’t have to search for huge diapers.

  2. Oh my goodness she’s cute. Love that picture.
    It sounds like she’s already doing it herself. After 5 kids I believe kids will potty train when they are ready. If it’s hard and you are stressed out…put her back in diapers. When it’s easy and exciting for both of you….it’s time and it will happen easily…..without a lot of messy and embarrassing.
    Also. If you don’t act embarrassed by it….she won’t think it’s something to be embarrassed about. Potty training is tough stuff, brush off accidents as part of the training 🙂

    As far as the 15 min. timer. Nope….didn’t work for us. it just bugged my kids and then they started hating the whole experience. I always made them go potty before we left the house and other than that I just took clues from them. You’ll be able to see it in the dance, the face, the grabbing 🙂

    Such a big girl. Be proud.

    oh…and my little boys still get binky’s at bed time. Maybe you could start there. Binky’s are for sleeping.
    Good luck with that one.

    • Keri says:

      Good advice, kj. She only get the binky at nap & bedtime but I’m trying to end it all together. We have a dentist friend that gives me the stink eye whenever I even mention that she has it twice a day… 🙂

  3. Hutch says:

    I obviously don’t have a child, but I know how my aunt did it. It only worked for her oldest, but I’m still telling you. When she had decided it was time to potty train him, she had him throw away all of his diapers and go to the store to pick out “big boy” underwear. Made it seem like this was completely his choice to not use diapers anymore. Then for days she made him drink and drink and drink juice, water, whatever, and put him on the toilet every fifteen minutes or so. After like 4, he wasn’t allowed to drink anymore liquid to avoid accidents in the bed. He did really well and caught on pretty much immediately. Didn’t work with her second kid, though. She had to bribe him with toys and the like.

  4. merr says:

    Well good luck! I HATE potty training! I agree with K that when they are ready it should be easy. If you force them before they are ready then you and she will hate it! I say take a weekend where you stay home and put her in panties the WHOLE time. Take her every 30 minutes or so. If she is in panties it will be easier to tell if she needs to go and you will know if she has gone. You’ll know after that weekend if she and YOU are ready or not. REWARDS!!! Khapri got stickers for peeing and cookies for pooping. Pooping took longer. I didn’t really plan on potty training Khapri so early, my goal is by 3, but she seemd ready. Lucky for us she was and she was easy. I always told people not to even try before 2 1/2 but I guess it depends on the kid. Khapri was 2 and 3 months.
    As with the binky, the older they get the harder to take! If you want it gone then you just have to do it by slowly eliminating it or having a binky fairy come. If you don’t really care that she still has it then why fuss.

  5. I am all about letting them do it when they are ready, but making sure they have the tools and know they have your support.
    Basically I would let them run bottomless when possible and ask regularly if they wanted to sit on the potty. For Nathan it was using the big toilet over the potty that won him over. He likes it better. He’s been potty trained for a few months now (poop first). Corwyn still isn’t ready. He’s getting closer. He will sometimes tell me when he has to pee, run to the bathroom, sit on the potty, not pee, then go run around and pee on the floor 5 minutes later. He hasn’t quite learned to pee on command. But he is close, so close. I know if I forced it, it would be a disaster so it’s up to him. He likes to cheer when Nathan goes pee or poop, so he knows the mechanics. Stickers and rewards wont work with mine. They don’t care. I’m just along for the ride so I let them lead.
    As for the pacifier, I have no idea. Maybe get her some kid friendly lip gloss and access to a mirror. She may not want to hide her pretty smile behind the pacifier. Dont respond to any talk if she is has it in her mouth. Don’t take it away, but ask her to take it out while she talks (she can hold onto it). Get some great kids Christmas carols and encourage singing aloud. Basically, just keep her mouth so busy that she wont want it in and eventually forget it.

  6. Shannon says:

    I agree with what others have said: if you try before she’s ready, it will be an exercise in frustration for both of you. I know because we pushed my oldest. He was a December baby so he had to start school at age 3.5. We had a lot going on in our lives at that time (our second son was born) so we had a lot of false starts with the potty training process. He is also an extremely stubborn kid. Anyway, we tried EVERYTHING. Eventually he was mostly trained, but he was still having accidents at school/daycare last year because he wasn’t confident enough to use the bathroom for pooping when he was away from us. Then, in January (he turned 4 in December), something clicked and he hasn’t had an accident since. But I really think that we put too much pressure on him and started and stopped the process too many times and tried too many different things. It was frustrating for us because physically, he had been ready for a long time but emotionally, he wasn’t there yet. It was hard on him too and to this day, he gets mad at us if we remind him he has to pee before leaving for a long drive of if we ask if he needs to go.

    Our youngest is 2 years and 4 months right now and is showing some interest in the potty. We’re following his lead for now. We’re not trying to get him to do it yet but sometimes he asks to do it. Where we had to shower our oldest with gifts to get him to do it, we haven’t given our youngest so much as one M&M because we haven’t needed to. I think he may train himself if we leave him alone and let him decide when he’s ready.

  7. simonesmom says:

    I’m reading for potty training tips, but the bink happened much more easily than I thought it would for us. We started cutting the tips of all of her pacis– a little more each week. The first week 1/4 tip went. The second week, she was down to 1/2. The third week, 3/4. The 4th week, no tip at all. She derived the comfort from sucking, and it wasn’t as pleasurable of an experience anymore. She pretty much gave them up after the 2nd week. When she got mad, we’d tell her the pacis were broken. She was using them to sleep, and the behavior that replaced pacis was rubbing the tail of her shirt between thumb and forefinger. Also really helped her to have other comfort objects with her in the bed.

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