Now I’m On My Way to 3!

It’s official!  She’s out of her 20’s and officially 30 months old!

You all told me this time would fly.  You told me to cherish every minute and document everything you knew I’d forget.  But couldn’t you have been a little more forceful?  I mean, her baby book is a disgrace!  And God knows I only cherish about 3/4 of the minutes and some days that’s pushing it.

Still, with all the things I’ve remembered and all the things I’ve forgotten, she’s nothing short of magic and I love every piece of her.

Her hair … almost daily causing us each a time out.

Her toes … that she puts to my face every night for a kiss.

Her joyful noise … the one that makes people turn their head from clear down the street.

Her voice … when she says, “taytu, mommy” or really any other words besides “NO!”

Her fingers … as she carefully stacks her blocks or not so carefully bangs on her keyboard.

The small of her back, the back of her neck, the sides of her waist, the yummiest lips – and those eyes!

I am in love.  It’s been offical for years now.  But for 30 months in a row, I have been madly in love with this child.

Happy 1/2 Birthday, baby girl.  (yesterday)  & Happy Birthday, baby Jesus.  (whenever that was…)

New "hair"...


One comment on “Now I’m On My Way to 3!

  1. Leslie says:

    I can see why you are in love…and you are right it goes way to fast! Leslie

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