Christmas 2011

Hoping you & yours have recovered nicely from a magical weekend full of family, friends and brand new diamonds memories!  The four day weekend about did me in – not quite used to so much “busy” in my dull mommy life but seriously, it was beautiful.  Really, really beautiful.

I started writing every last detail but I’ll save the “guts” and just share the “glory”.

I have to admit, I was far more excited than anyone else in the house.  I have dreamed for years for this Christmas.  I know next will even be more magical but seriously, it was perfect.

As you know, we took her to see Santa many times this year.  She definitely gets that he’s a big deal.  But she’s too young to understand the “naughty/nice” thing, in relation to him.  And too young to understand that Santa brings gifts.  Still… it was amazing.

Santa's Corner

A Bit of Dress Up

SO excited!!

Someone got a new puppy! (kind of)

More Dress Up

Mr & Mrs (pioneer) Santa Claus!

Without a doubt, every wonderful thing I imagined and the very Best Christmas Ever!

(we get round 2 THIS weekend!  stay tuned!)


One comment on “Christmas 2011

  1. Kristi says:

    YOU! My sister, are the most kind, loving, incredible person I know…..well except for ME! Wow…you’re amazing. XOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOX
    (ur baby sis-Kristi)

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