The Bachelor

You thought my first post this year would be a New Year’s post, didn’t you?  Surprise!  Instead, let’s talk about the hour or two of television last night – two hours or so that you’ll never get back but you watched anyway.  Or maybe it’s just me.

I’m not a reality tv junkie, persea, but I do watch Tori & Dean.  And The Voice and last 3 episodes of X Factor.  I might peek at the finale of Dancing with the Stars, Amazing Race and even check in with the Kardashian girls… maybe.  I’m not a “from the beginning” girl.  I like to start a series when they’ve weeded out the worst so my options are all good.  EXCEPT on The Bachelor.  If you wait til the last 3 episodes of that show, you miss all the awful women that remind you why you’re so happy to be out of high school.

Then there’s always the drunk girl.  Why, in Gawd’s name, would you sign up for a show that all your friends will watch – just to drink too much and end up crying in the bathroom or hitting on one of the other FEMALE contestants?  Other than hitting on one of the other female contestants, I would just never do that!  <grin>

So, I know enough of the history to know that only one couple has made it to marriage.  I watched that vomit of pink wedding and, having picked that boy from the beginning, I felt I was invested.  They’re still married, I believe.  I even think we went through infertility together.  Well, she didn’t know it but when you’re going through infertility, you know everyone else that is going through it too.  Anyway, 1 marriage out of a millions seasons.  Not great odds.

But this season it’s a brand new boy – left over from last season.  He owns a vineyard in California.  He almost proposed to a girl who ended up getting engaged to the other guy so he probably spent his summer “growing” and “learning” and now he’s ready to find real love.


I’m a fan of real love.  Really, I am.  And if I met my soul mate on a tv show that paid for dates like heli-skiing in the Alps or dining in a tree in the middle of a jungle, I would do it.  But with the odds of this show, they don’t really believe it’s going to work, right?  I mean, it barely works without the show, the soul mate and the jungle. C’mon!

I am only admitting this to you.  I’m rooting for it!  & I root for it every time.  Because you just never know when the right one is right before your eyes.

Here’s to Ben & Tennessee!


7 comments on “The Bachelor

  1. Gia says:

    My honey and i have been together almost 8 years and we LOVE watching this show! We make predictions and we enjoy watching the diffrent entrences, but at the same time, i feel sad for these ladies because their lives are exposed to a degree i myself couldn’t take! I mean how alone do you have to be to sign up? Anyway, i like you, am rooting for real love this season 🙂

    • Keri says:

      I’ll admit they’re very brave (or insane) to put themselves out there like that. I’m sure they make the mean girls looker meaner and the crazy girls look crazier. It’s a nasty pleasure to watch it all unfold. And I love rooting for my faves!

  2. Amy says:

    It’s like a giant train wreck, you know you shouldn’t watch but you can’t help yourself. Ben is the most boring guy ever! But I think he’ll end up with horse girl or the model. And why is every girl on the show from Utah a little Crazy?

    • Keri says:

      Is the horse girl the same as the hunter girl? I’m confused by her. The model? Blech! And yes, every girl from Utah (& practically every other place) seems crazy. There was even a boy last season (or the one before) that was AWFUL. We breed them well…

  3. Amy says:

    This was the WoRST 1st episode in the show’s history I think!! Total train wreck but like you, we will likely watch the whole damn season… What a waste!! : )

    • Keri says:

      I can’t even find him interesting. And the girls – only Tennessee, the horse girl and one of the TX girls seem remotely “maybe’s”. We’ll see. & gawd knows we’ll watch. 🙂

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