New Year!

Happy New Year, my friends!  Another year to lose a little weight and gain it back, to eat healthier (except on weekends), to spend more time with family (but it seems we’re always just too busy) and to get those projects done that have been on the burner since 2007.

Yes, I’ve done this before.  Every. Single. Year.

I, for one, am sad & glad to see 2011 go.  Nothing too terrible happened but I’m certain 2012 has something better in store.

2011 was really wonderful, in regards to Glory.  I got to watch my daughter grow from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2!  That meant she learned to eat with a fork, talk without a ninya (binky) in her mouth, climb & run like crazy!  She rode her first pony, started wearing her first head ponies, played in the ocean, started wearing pull-ups, counted to 3, climbed out of her crib, had her first Disneyland experience, met Elmo and Shamu at Sea World, got her first bike trike, met a whole new family to love and learned how to say the name of just about every person she knows!

2011 was also really wonderful in that I got to know my biological dad and his family and now know them as “my dad and MY family”.  They are truly a new extension to all that I love and it amazes me that it only took about 35 seconds to fall madly in love with them.

2011 was a healthy year for my friends & family.  Glory still has yet to be sick in any major way – no flu or ear infections.  We didn’t lose anyone close but still, I can’t believe that damn Amy Winehouse died.  What an amazing voice!  Anyway, a much better year.

2011 has easily been the hardest year for my immediate family.  My mom & dad are still struggling.  My brother, although wonderful, still trying to wrap his head around it all.  But the outer layer has been very supportive and we’re all just kicking along.

All in all – I’m grateful.  Grateful enough to expect some pretty fantastic things this year!  Lottery?  Miracles?  Maybe.  But a little peace and quiet would be appreciated just the same.

Happy 2012!  It turns out the Mayan’s really didn’t predict the end of the world this year so trudge on.  Make it worth it!


2 comments on “New Year!

  1. Hutch says:

    I was watching my favorite Youtuber, and he was debunking all the end of the world predictions for this year. At the end he says, “Never believe an apocalypse prediction. If it does end up being true, no one will be around to say, ‘I told you so.’ ”

    Happy New Year, Keri! Love and miss you.

  2. But 2012 IS the end of the world. 12/12/12 The end of the calendar as we speak.
    Oh it was great knowing you.
    Glad 2011 was a good year for you ! Hope 2012 is even better.

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