Snow Day!

We’re almost mid-January and we’ve hardly seen any snow this winter!  What we have seen, we’ve had to hunt for in the canyons.  It’s been a crazy, dry season…until Saturday.

We woke up to beautiful, fluffy snow that covered everything in sight!  Glory wore her new bibs & boots for the first time and followed Cristy around with a garden snow shovel.  I snapped about 700 pictures so I thought I’d share a few for your viewing pleasure.  <wink>

Taking It In

Shovel Ready!

Moving Snow from Here to There

Snow Graffiti

Proud of her Art

Paid in Kisses

I’m hoping it doesn’t stop with this one storm.  But I’m also hoping it’s not still snowing in June.  This is usually the time of year that I’m ready for Spring but I could take another 6 weeks of snow.  And another million days of watching Glory frolic in it!


2 comments on “Snow Day!

  1. That’s the thing….I need the snow to come NOW so that I am not waiting for spring in June 😦
    I don’t want another short spring. I LOVE spring.
    Cute cute girl.

  2. Stef says:

    We were in w bountiful from the 27-4. No snow of course, then right after we leave!!! It was just as warm there as it is here in nor Cali. Yesterday was almost 75 here though. Weird winter!!!!!
    Cute cute pics!

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