30,000 Feet

I always say I love my house, and I do.  I love that it’s 116 years old.  I love the original wood floors and crown moldings.  I love that it was born with all the bedrooms upstairs but then grew in to having laundry upstairs, as well.  I love that there isn’t a basement.  I love the parlor with pocket doors and the 12 ft ceilings.  I love the updated kitchen with heated tile floors.  I love the wrap around porch and that the whole things sits on a third of an acre in the heart of the city…

But then there’s this:


And I bet it has a bathroom like this:


And I bet there’s a kitchen like this:


And even a garden like this:

Secret Garden

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if my house had a double oven or a big enough refrigerator to hold all of my amazing party trays?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have TWO dish closets?  Wouldn’t it be lovely if it had a master bedroom with giant closets to hold all of Cristy’s clothes & shoes.  (yes, I said Cristy’s)  Wouldn’t it be divine if there was a master bathroom with a garden tub & detached shower with river rock flooring?  Or if Glory could walk out the back door in to a secret garden that held all of her secrets and imagination?

When I think of my dream house, I don’t think very big.  2500 square ft does me just fine.  But if some of those feet could be some extra cupboards or closets or bathrooms… that’s all I’d ask.  I’d even happily say that the house I live in could easily BE my dream house – with some extra help from an architect and about $200K.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy, yes?

Lucky for me, all of this doesn’t exist in one place.  Therefore, it still remains a unique possibility.  Lucky me.


One comment on “30,000 Feet

  1. Yes but in those pictures….that kitchen is 2500 sq feet. and it sounds like there’s several hundred in closet space for Cristy’s shoes 🙂
    When you find this dream house from pictures and descriptions…..I’m afraid I’m going to fight you for it ! LOVE it.

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