She Says the Darndest Things!

Last night, after dropping C off at the airport, she said, “Mama up airplane at work?”

Still, months later, she wakes up and asks where everyone is.
Where’s Baba?
Where’s Matt?
Where’s Papa?
Where’s Annie?
And so on.  She does the same list every day that consists of about 12 names.  Amazing.

She says please & thank you, every.single.time.  And it’s even more beautiful when it’s followed by “mommy”.

She says “bless you, mommy.” – even after she’s the one that sneezes.

We look at our wall of pictures and say, “that’s you!”  So now when you point to her picture and ask who it is she say, “it’s YOU!”  When asked her name, it’s either You, Choo Choo, Boo Boo or Ella.

When she see’s a man that she doesn’t know she’ll say, “Hi Person!”  Or a lady, “Hi Missy!”  or a little one, “Hi Kid(s)!”  I’m trying to change this to sir, ma’am and friends but we’ll see.  When I dropped her at pre-school earlier, she walked past her teacher and said, “Hey Ma’am”.  Not quite the effect I was hoping for.  “hey” sort of ruined it.

Anytime I’m trying to get her dressed (or do really anything she doesn’t want me to) she’ll say, “mommy, that hoot!”  – trying to get me to find her boo boo instead of the upcoming task.  Gracie taught her the “boo boo face” to go with this so it’s extra hard to ignore.

She’s calls Yeager “yay yay”.  At his basketball game last week, she kept yelling, “Go Yay Yay!!  Woon!! (run)”

She’s a tooter.  & every time she toots, she tells everyone, “I toot!!”

She still calls any drink a “nook”.  Her blankie is still her “nini”.  And every night ends with “Lu Loo”.

There’s really nothing she can’t say but these are some of my most favorite, funny things.  It’s really incredible to watch her language grow. It’s something new almost every day.

She’s also really big on picking out her own clothes.  I’m smart enough to put good choices in front of her but sometimes she wears the following cozy pants with dress up heels.  Or the vest over a short sleeves dress.  &, no matter what she’s wearing, she walks right over to her big mirror to check herself out.  “Ma Haahs Coot!”  (hair)

I’m keeping her.


4 comments on “She Says the Darndest Things!

  1. Amanda says:

    The looking in the mirror and proclaiming her hair is COOT cracked me up! Little Monster checks himself out in the mirror after dressing and either approves with a “Me good” or goes to the drawer to pick out another article of clothing! These kids! 🙂

  2. Stacey says:

    Too cute. Our kids like picking their own clothes now. With our almost 5 year old, I can’t even suggest clothes. Sometimes she’ll act like she’s doing me a huge favour and say, “You can pick today, mom.”

  3. Stacy says:

    We should get Glory and Maya together. They would have a blast. 🙂

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