“It’s because you’re white…”

These words were said to me over the summer at Sea World.  Glory and I were in line to see Elmo and this woman and her AF daughter were in line with us.  Her daughter had beautiful, long braids and her hair was so shiny!  She asked, “do you know why her hair is so short?”    And when I answered no she said, “it’s because you’re white.  You don’t know how to do her hair.”  Epic Fail.

I’ve had issues with this since the beginning.  The ladies at my agency gave me plenty of warning but seriously, there aren’t a lot of “in person” examples where I live.  And honestly, I do my best.  I asked her some advice and she was nice enough to tell me some secrets.  Ever since that day, I’ve done exactly as she said and Glory’s hair grew like crazy!

For the last six months or so, she’s been wearing towel’s on her head and pretending it’s long hair.  If we see a man or woman with long hair, she’ll instantly try to touch it and say, “ah, haaair!”  She loves it!  So Saturday morning we woke up and called the salon.  They told us what they wanted to do and promised it would only take an hour.

Just Getting Started

Patiently Waiting - with Cheese!

Long Enough for Plenty of Pony!

She loves it!  She shakes her head while she’s walking.  She primps around like everyone’s looking.  She’s proud of her locks and that’s all that matters to me.

I cried a few tears, knowing I wouldn’t see those little puffs again for a very long time.  I cried a few more just looking at her, knowing that this is just the beginning of the end of my baby girl.  & then I cheered REALLY loud once I realized we no longer have reason to fight about her hair every morning.  It practically does itself!

Some people have been grouchy about it.  I assure you that I’m not putting my daughter in any pageants and she won’t be wearing heels and make-up (in public) any time in the next decade.  She loves it!  It’s part of her little girl culture and that’s what we signed up for!

Plus, isn’t she lovely?  Seriously!


11 comments on ““It’s because you’re white…”

  1. Stacey says:

    She looks adorable. Our Riley didn’t have long hair for such a long time because her hair took forever to grow.

    I find that comment silly. I have African American friends who can’t do their daughter’s hair for the life of them. I think perhaps there are things you could learn to help her hair but there are plenty of people who just don’t know how to do hair well.

    And I love when strangers feel the need to make those comments…you handled it really well.

  2. She darling would be cute bald. I’m so glad that she loves her hair. Isn’t that what matters 🙂

  3. careerwoman says:

    I’ve lurked for a long time, I adore your family and am also a black woman. I’ve often wanted to comment but just never have. You’ve done a GREAT job with her hair thus far, and she looked adorable with her little puffs and also with her braids. My hair, like Glory’s is THICK and was difficult to manage as a child; my mother and grandmother had challenges doing my hair (their hair is naturally straight) every day was a battle and I remember just hating getting my long thick hair braided in two french braids. The BEST thing my Mom ever did for me was start taking me to the salon as a little girl (I was about 4 so a bit older than Glory)…and as I aged my stylists helped me learn how work with it (along with lots of tips from black friends when I went to college :)). You’re doing a GREAT job…and please know if you ever need product advice or hair secrets, I’m happy to help….but honestly you’ve done a great job with her hair. She’s SO adorable.

  4. mummylass says:

    She looks fabulous!

  5. Stacy says:

    When I was in kindergarten I wanted braids like my friend Janice. she had the beads on them and the tin foil at the ends. *sigh* I was so envious.
    Instead, my mother got me a perm and I looked like a Japanese Annie.
    You’ve done fantastically!! Glory is gorgeous with or without the braids. 🙂
    But they ARE pretty fabulous.

  6. merr says:

    She looks so much older!!! I wish I could get Khapri some extensions. Her hair is so curly it just wont do much! I am super impressed that she was able to sit through that.

  7. Lori says:

    What did she tell you??? I know I have a boy but I was dying to grow it into short braids. The process was killing him. He hated when I combed it out. Tell me what you did to make her hair grow!!!

    • Keri says:

      It was so easy, Lori! I’m not sure what product you use but oil it first thing in the morning and keep it tied up. It’ll keep it moist and it it’s amazing how quickly it grows. I just kept putting her hair in tiny, little ponies. With Matthew, you could do small braids or keep it covered while he’s home. (satin head cover)

      If I can do it, you can do it. 🙂

      • careerwoman says:

        I am just reading this now…but you’ve got it! You saying “satin head cover” just made me grin along with the moisturizing A++.

        Moisturizing is key…and finding the right balance between “too oily/greasy” versus “too dry” is tricky…but it’s clear that you’re a pro at this!! 🙂

  8. Amy says:

    She looks adorable… but so grown up!! *not ready for that* : /

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