Take a Walk with Me

We’re finally here.  We’ve been planning for months and I’ve been packed for days.  It’s warmer than I hoped but I’ll think of a good enough reason for the sweater you told me not to pack.

The train to our hotel tricked me.  It’s not the kind of place I thought you’d pick.  There’s hurry all around and the noise doesn’t seem like your best idea.  But once we are upstairs, you tell me not to unpack… we are leaving in the morning.  The anticipation!

I hardly slept.  The air is heavy.  I can feel it on my skin.  I can’t see the water from here but I know it’s there when I rub my fingers together.  We stopped at Starbucks on the way out this morning – hopefully the last one we’ll see in a while.

I knew this couldn’t be the place you had in mind but, even so, it’s different from where we came – and sometimes that’s enough.

The rental car is perfect.  You hook up the iPod and I get comfortable.  I know every word but you’re still learning.  There is nothing more beautiful than her voice, singing to me, as we drive.  The snacks are packed.  Twizzlers, seeds, sweet tarts & a milky way for good measure.  My feet are out the window and the coffee’s are melting.  It’s lovely here.

We’re driving along the coast and it’s cooler as the day goes on.  I love it up this way.  It’s my favorite place on earth, even though this is my very first time here.  The greens are tall and rich.  And the rocks are old and dark.  This kingdom feels like it’s lived a million more years than mine.  The birds seem louder and the clouds, higher.  For such a small part of the world, it feels endless and free.

As the roads get smaller, we slow down.  The next exit takes us to a little town called Bethlehem.  Of course it does.  We stop there for lunch and if I would’ve saw a “Help Wanted” sign, I never would’ve left.  I imagined the hostess was also the sandwich girl, the pie maker  – and the cashier.  I’m sure she lives upstairs and makes all those crafty items after dinner.  I buy a pot holder and you roll your eyes.  You’ll thank me later.

Only another hour or so until we get there.  I’m so excited, I can hardly sit still.  I’m making you nervous because I keep taking pictures outside the car.  You think I’ll drop the camera.  If I do, I’ll just blame you anyway.  This might be the reason you’re so nervous.

As we turn off the road, I notice the sky falling.  It could be the marine layer but it seems we might get a little rain.  Pulling in to the house I see a chimney.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had a fire.  I pull out my cozy socks.  There are chairs on the deck and I plan to spend more time there than anywhere else.

Breathe it in.  We’re here.  And aren’t you glad I brought a sweater?


3 comments on “Take a Walk with Me

  1. Amy says:

    Nice… enjoy!!

  2. Cristy says:

    Thanks for the sweater beautiful girl.

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