Toddler Bed & Potty Seat

Glory is just over 31 months!  31!  She’s well on her way to her 4th year on this planet and I’m just shaking my head…

It’s been a big weekend at our house.  Or maybe I should say, it’s been a big weekend for Glory!

I think I mentioned that she started crawling out of her crib in November.  She mastered it in about 1.8 seconds but only did it when we were watching.  She never climbed out after bedtime or nap time.  Odd, I know.  But not anymore.  Last week she crawled in & out and in & out.  Begging her to stay in just became a game and I started worrying about how quickly she’d do it – afraid she’d fall and break a bone.  Since her naps don’t happen most days (God help me), we decided we’d just bump her up to the next level – a toddler bed.

It was an easy switch.  Her crib transitions so, just like that, her crib was gone.  She hardly noticed but there were some tears shed on my part.  Bye, bye baby.  And it didn’t matter much.  She still climbs over the side – just to bother me.

Crib Phase 2

And since we lost our baby anyway, we thought we’d try the potty training this weekend too.  We bought one of those fancy seats that has 2 parts – one for us and one for her.  We also bought a pretty stool to help her up.  So far, so good.  The alarm is set for every 15 minutes.  We have “days of the week” panties and she ended today with “Tuesday”.  Not bad.

She hates it.  I thought she would.  It takes her away from what she’s doing and it’s kept us home all. day. long.  I’m not married to the idea.  If it takes another few months, I’d be fine.  We’ll let her guide us and see how it goes.  Today, it’s gone a lot like this:

This is her... hating me.

Taking time for a little pedi.

Wish me luck – I’ll be sticking close to home for a few days.


6 comments on “Toddler Bed & Potty Seat

  1. Casey says:

    I am of the mindset of letting kids lead the way on potty training. With Kelton, I tried all the ideas of training (schedules, rewards, etc) and all that did was make us both insane. I finally gave up. He finally gave up diapers for good at 3.5 years (and I am convinced it took so long (I started at 2.5 years) because of the struggle it became). Kaylen benefited from my mistakes and I let her take the lead. She was out of diapers before she was 2. (She had an older brother to mimic so it was easier – she wanted to do everything he did…plus her sensory issues pushed her.)

    I don’t know much but I do know that kids will push back in areas they can control …and potty training? that is definitely something they control (they can pee anywhere! Kelton became a pro at hiding somewhere and peeing on the floor when he was angry at me for pushing him to use the potty.). If it isn’t fun for her, and she is having a fit over it, let it go for now.

    I can’t believe she is in a toddler bed! Where does the time go?

  2. Amanda says:

    The first potty picture is so funny! That is a show to the future love interests pic if I have ever seen one 🙂 Potty training is hard for parents, that is so true and I certainly understand why people are hesitant to do it. If it had not been led by Little Monster, I am certain we would have waited until the spring or summer to start, but hang in there it gets better! Make sure she is getting enough liquid to make pee pee and then go bonkers praising and applauding over every little drop that goes where it is supposed to.

  3. It’s crazy how big she’s getting.

    Ok, from a mother of 5….just some loving advice.
    Don’t push it. If she’s sitting on the potty pissed off at you….maybe wait a little bit.
    It shouldn’t have to be a fight if she’s ready. Even if that means that she’s wearing pull ups until she’s 4. Which I doubt she will 😉
    Honestly Keri. Save yourself the stress of it…..let her decide when she wants to go. Maybe try the neked way. Easier to do in the warmer months. Set the timer if you want to remind her, but give the control of it to her.
    If you let her lead you….you’ll say to yourself one day. OMG that was easy. She just potty trained herself. 🙂

    Plus, it sounds like she’s already going through another big change right now….from crib to big girl bed….you may not think she’s struggling with the transition because of the smile on her face…but she could be adjusting to it still.
    Again. just my opinion.

    Whatever you decide…..GOOD LUCK ! You’ll both be THRILLED when she tackles this.

  4. Keri says:

    I posted the pic of her screaming at me because it was funny – I swear she wasn’t really crying. But by the end of the day, she was definitely over it. Plus, I just really wanted proof of that moment in case there would ever be need for blackmail. 🙂

    I’m not pressuring myself (or her) to get this right away. I think we’re just showing her the ropes and seeing how she responds.

    • I just re read what I had typed and it does sound like I was focused on the whole fight of it 🙂 I KNOW that you would never force her to SIT ON THE POTTY DAMN IT ! 🙂 ha ha I’m pretty sure that if you and Glory had a battle of the wills….she would certainly win it hands down !
      I just wanted you to know that she will get it and the whole experience can be easy or stressful…..let it be easy 🙂
      Sorry if I sounded condescending and focused on that one picture of her pissed on the potty ! Which would TOTALLY be a good title for it. Pissed on the potty…get it 🙂

      • Keri says:

        I appreciate the advice. In some circles, I feel like we’re behind so it’s nice to hear an opinion like yours. Really.

        And the next time I talk about it, I’m totally stealing that post title. 🙂

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