Circle the Wagons

Another Presidential election year has come upon us and I don’t need to tell you where I stand on the whole thing.  If I needed to, however, I would tell you it’s a no brainer – no matter how “you’re not doing what you said you’d do” our President has been.

I attended a workshop a few weeks ago that was nothing like I thought it would be.  It was a Messaging Workshop for the Democratic Party and I assumed it would give us a whole lot of “back at you” arguments for the wrong other side.  Instead, most of it focused on how often we point fingers at ourselves – not backing the people we’ve elected to govern us.

A million years ago, someone said, “as a movement, we seem to circle our wagons but point our guns inward”.  At my old job, I wasn’t able to agree but I promise you I did.  It’s so, sadly true.  Whether is just a minority population, the gays, the liberals – whatever.  We’re not that good at rallying behind our leaders and not giving in to all the crap being said.  Instead, we jump ship but linger close enough to jump back on before elections.  We vote together, sure.  But do we stand together?  No.

President Obama is a leader.  Sometimes we need that more than anything.  He’s also brilliant and capable and has always stated, clearly, what his intentions are.  I adore him.  And even I doubt him.  4 years ago I thought, if he were elected, we’d have just about everything we needed by now.  Watching the progress has explained why we’re still waiting on so much.  It’s a lot to fix.  It’s hard to want all the answers to social justice when people still aren’t working and their kids are hungry.  It’s hard to walk away from a decade of war when we’ve caused so much damage – that to just walk away seems like deserting a whole population.

Remember when President Bartlett needed that 2nd term to finish all the really hot issues?  Remember how he didn’t need to worry about re-election and could finally just dive in with both feet?  I realize all my real life friends didn’t vote for him but if you were my WW friends, you would have, right?

Has he fixed it?  No.  Was he left with so much muck that he deserves another 4 years to work on it?  Yes.  Will he?  Not if we don’t re-elect him.


5 comments on “Circle the Wagons

  1. thedistraction says:

    I heart President Bartlett.

  2. Amanda says:

    Agreed! Have you seen this? Very much what you are talking about 🙂

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