This is generally my least favorite month.  I realize how negative that sounds but usually our giant piles of snow are brown and gloomy by now.  Usually our air is so mucky you’d never choose to be outside.  And usually I’m totally sick of the cold by now and way ready for spring.

But this year is so different.  We’ve had hardly any snow.  Most people love this but not me.  I wish we were swimming in it.  And worse, once summer gets here and our lakes aren’t full, we’ll all be sad about our empty winter.  Lucky for us (just kidding), the air is holding it’s promise.  blech!

Anyway, in case you need a little lift, I’ll share some of my favorite photos from the last few days.  Each is filled with love and LOVE is what February is really all about.

Gettin' jiggy with Yay Yay!

He loves me - He love me not...

Smile as big as the sky!

Afro hat, extension pieces, bracelets - I'm ALL girl!

We all scream for ICE cream!


4 comments on “February

  1. Selmada says:

    So cute, so utterly cute.

  2. It’s worse because it’s just been ugly brown on brown…not even brown on white.
    They have said that we should be just fine with water this summer. Who knows what will happen next summer.

    Cute pics as always.

  3. Cristy says:

    I LOVE these beautiful kids and YOU and SUMMER – bring it on cuz I’m ready!!

  4. She is so cute – I love her hair like that!

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