A Great Day for the Constitution!

Another historic ruling!  The Ninth Dist Court ruled2-1 that California’s Prop 8 is unconstitutional – revalidating everything we already knew.

As someone who married in the 2008 window, the validation feels fantastic.  But even more importantly, as someone who believes in equality for ALL people, it’s another step in a very good direction.

It will be appealed and, most likely, sent to the SCOTUS.  They could turn the case back and make CA the next state to grant marriage equality (unless WA and MD beat them!) or they could hold it and decide whether or not they agree with Judge Walker.  Hard to say what to wish for… unless…

I’ve always been a builder.  “If you build it….” bla bla bla.  One state at a time and we’re already to six.  (& DC)  & 5 that offer Civil Unions.  That’s a pretty big deal in just more than a decade.  I’m not saying we should ever accept crumbs but marriage equality (in any state) is No crumb. I remember when VT first approved Civil Unions and you had one side mad that they didn’t wait for marriage and the other side mad that they were jumping too quickly.  But they gave others permission to jump – others like, CT, DE, NH and even IOWA. Iowa!  …still surprises me.

At the same time, this could be our chance.  Just imagine the Supreme’s ruling Prop 8 unconstitutional.  Imagine it just for a minute. Lawsuits filed instantly in the leftover states and most succumbing to the fact that they can’t bully any longer – that it’s time to put down their dukes and join the parade.  1 by 1, the coasts creep toward each other in a beautiful shade of (democratic) blue.  Lovely, just lovely.

It’s a great time to be alive.  It’s a great time to watch the landscape change from coast to coast.  It’s a great time to stop for a minute and think about all those before us, who worked tirelessly in a much harsher environment, and thank them – especially those that haven’t lived to see this day.

So goes California… !


5 comments on “A Great Day for the Constitution!

  1. Gordon says:

    If I didn’t already have a MUCH BETTER deal, I’d ask you to marry ME!

  2. So happy and then you get to hear the backlash.
    If Mitt Romney beats Obama…I’m moving to canada.
    I will say, I was slightly impressed with the “church’s” and you know which church I refer to 🙂
    words on the appeal. They don’t agree with it…but be respectful.
    I’m sure you’ve seen this article….http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/one-towns-war-on-gay-teens-20120202. I just find it interesting how much influence these politicians have. Do they not understand what it does ?

    • Keri says:

      I definitely saw their response. It’s civil, unlike the work they’ve been doing from their pulpits. blech!
      I’ll be on your bus (or Beverly or whatever her name is) should he win. But that’s NOT going to happen.

  3. Selmada says:

    This is good news.
    KJ – Canada would be more than happy to have you and your gang here.

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