It’s been 10 years.  10 whole years.  My life was oh so different then.  My ex-partner and I had a 4 month old baby.  We lived in a little house and were newly married.  I almost forgot how excited we were until we recently watched home movies of all the action.  – footage of us waiting along the road to watch the torch pass.  Waving flags.  Cheering.  It was fantastic!

That kind of patriotism fills me right up!

I’ve never really followed the games all the way through.  Sometimes I’ll watch the downhill skiing.  Sometimes a hockey game.  Ice skating, for sure.  In the summer I like watching diving.  And I love gymnastics.  But it’s not about the sports for me.  I think it’s beautiful that for a couple of weeks, all those countries can gather in the same place and appreciate something about each other.

10 years ago I went to the final practice of the Opening Ceremonies.  One by one, each represented country came skating in with their flag.  We both cried through the whole thing.  It was magical.  I’ll never forget the energy in our little city.  I want it back.  And why can’t we have it back?  We already have all the structures. It should be an easy sell.

Ten years ago…


2 comments on “Olympics

  1. Selmada says:

    The 2010 Olympics were here in Vancouver. I loved it. I was off on maternity leave with 9 month old twins. We took it all in (even the things with long lineups). It was magical.

  2. Keri says:

    Selmada – For some reason, you blog doesn’t let me comment. It says I’m not typing the code correctly but I swear I am. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I read. And try to comment. 😦

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