Post Love Fest

I do love Valentine’s.  I loved taking Glory to school and giving out suckers to her friends.  I loved watching her get treats from them – thinking it must really be a special day.  I set out her present in the morning and made her wait for her brother to open it after school.  She ached every time she saw it.  I loved delivering Valentine’s to her grandparents and cousins.

This holiday is way more about my love to watch HER than it is for her.  But in a couple of years, she’ll be all over it!  (ya know, with that great shoebox WE make for class!)  I seriously can’t wait until she’s old enough for ding dong ditch.  You did that too, right?  – dropped your valentine, rang the doorbell and ran away?  I suppose that could be a Utah thing…

Anyway, here’s some of our love to you.

Out the Window

(Im)patiently Waiting



One comment on “Post Love Fest

  1. Love it ! I love the picture out the window. Very cool !

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