Almost 5 years ago, we got a call from Yegs.  His mom had decided they could no longer keep his 9 month old golden retriever and he begged Cristy to let us have her.  In the same call he told us that she chewed up the dining room chairs, she chewed up the backyard sprinkling system and was just, in general, a really bad dog.

I’m not sure what tipped the scale (other than his crying little voice) but this is what we ended up with.

God bless Molly Tomato – aka Mawyee.


4 comments on “Mawyee!

  1. Gordon says:

    She’s a sweetheart. Dogs thrive on attention. If they don’t feel loved and cared for they often act out. Some dogs need more love and affection than others. The same rule usually applies to us human folks… 🙂
    Good girl, Mawyee!

  2. So glad you chose to keep that baby girl. She’s the best dog !

  3. authenticollision says:

    Ah… look at Mawyee. Mawyee needs a friend. Mawyee wants a puppy!

  4. Keri says:

    We’re keeping her. We’re lucky to have such a good dog. & who needs a “friend” when you have Glory by your side! ?? 🙂

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