There is nothing I love more than having something to do.  Sometimes it’s redecorating a room (or 2) or just organizing some crazy space in our house.  This year, I’ve decided to garden.

I grew up with a huge garden – about 1/2 the size of my yard now.  We each had a dedicated space and could grow whatever we wanted.  I loved having the ability to grow pretty things but it was really hard to take care of.  I swore I’d never have a garden when I grew up.  I spent far too much time pulling weeds as a child…

But look at me!  I’m no longer going to grow tomatoes in pots.  Cristy made raised beds.  – raised enough so that she won’t have to bend over to help.  Glory can reach right in.  And on top of that, they’re beautiful!  Two beds 4’x6′ & room for plenty more as it grows!

This weekend we’re buildilng this herb garden.

To make sure I have delicious food to food these with, we did this project yesterday.

I’m hoping to be good at this.  My yodad & Annie have a huge garden and I still plan to come over & play there but hopefully we won’t have to take as much home.  We’ll see.  😉


Life On the Farm

Spring has sprung and that means that when we go to Papa’s, it’s now time to run through the garden and visit the animals.

My yodad has chickens.  At our house, we use the word “meat” when eating meat.  This is 100% due to the fact that I can’t have my baby thinking we’re eating papa’s pets.  She loves them!  He takes her in the hut (or whatever it’s called) and they pick up the eggs.

He also has a horse with the most beautiful ice blue eyes you’ve ever seen.  Glory calls him “Bay-yee”.  He’s gentle and lovely.  I won’t lie and tell you that I don’t freak out when my dad lets her walk in & out of his legs but I do think it’s wonderful that he’s so great with someone so little.

And then there’s Scape.  He’s a goat.  – with one horn.  He’s a unigoat.  He does tricks and he & Baylee are best friends.  & she may be a girl.  I’m unsure.  Anyway, Glory could watch her for hours.  She dances.

It’s all certain to lighten any mood and I look forward to the many days ahead on the farm.

Glory & her Bay-yee

Glory, Annie, Scape & Bay-yee

Zoo Day!

For living in this little city, we have a pretty fantastic zoo.  &, even better, they’re expanding this summer!  It’s been a while since we’ve had water animals, bears, etc.  But in June, we’ll have underwater viewing areas & 4 new bears!  Not to mention a million other things that we can hardly wait for.  So…we decided to soak up the last good weather day of the week and head for the animals.

Glory loves it there.  Seriously, I could follow her around for hours and she’ll never get bored.  She leaves there exhausted and that makes for a happy afternoon mommy.  🙂

Here are some photo’s from the other day.  Love.  Love.  Love.

Stars & Stripes!

Pretty Kitty's

The closest she can get to elephants without sneezing her little head off.

I realize none of these phots have real animals in them but I promise we have them.  I’m excited for another summer watching them tease my baby girl.


There is very little more interesting to me than language.  I admire anyone that can speak 2 of them because I haven’t yet mastered 1.  I love the different emphasis placed on different words.  But mostly I love listening to someone learn a language.  Not just any someone, my someone.

She is the first human that I’ve experienced every last one of her learned words.  I swear, every day she says 5 new things and her sentences are longer & longer every day – sometimes they don’t end ever.  <grin>  I love it when she points things out in a book.  “it’s a pig”  “he bites the salad”.

She’s starting to say people’s real names, instead of the nicknames she gave them.  “yay yay” is now YeaGa.  And many times a day we hear, “YeaGa, ca’monnn!”  …as he screams for help because she’s usually jumping on his back or ripping his homework from his hands.

She’s learned her name.  Sort of.  Sadly we gave her a hard name to pronouce but as of Saturday it’s “gorly”.  She can’t quite get the “L” in the right place but she’s close.  And did I tell you she can say her “l” sound perfectly?  It’s crazy!  So her name is said, “gorly ella”.  ah, she’s perfect.

Plus, she recognizes everything.  I swear, places we’ve been once or twice are staples in to her memory.  She knows who lives in which neighborhood.  If she see’s a white Traverse, she’s says, “It’s Aunt Kristi!”  Today, she saw a leather jacket and said, “papa!”, knowing my yodad has a leather jacket that she probably hasn’t seen in months.  And if I quickly put on Cristy’s shoes to take the garbage out (because why ELSE would I put them on) she’ll say, “those mama’s shoes!” and give me this mean little look like I’m stealing them.  She’s amazing!

Anyway, it’s just another thing I’m really enjoying.  Staying home gives me the opportunity to not miss a thing and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I love this baby.


I will protect her like a lion!

Yegs has been playing basketball like crazy these days.  First it was every Saturday then this tournement started and it feels like we’ve been gone almost every evening.  Sadly, they lost the other night.  But happily, we are now home in the evenings!  <wink>

While we were sitting on the bleechers at the last game, a group of little girls sat around Glory.  They were probably about 15 feet away from us and I kept my “side-head” eye on them.  Something seemed kind of odd so I went over and introduced myself.  One girl was 6 and the other two were 7.

“Where is her daddy?”, one girl asked.  “She doesn’t have a daddy.  She has 2 mommies.”  “Is she adopted?  When she gets older can she see her daddy?”

Hence, a conversation took place that I think we’ll have a thousand more times.

I went back & sat with Cristy but watched them compare their color of hands, color of bellies.  I watched them touch her hair and tell her she was from A-f-r-i-c-a – likes she speaks a different language or is hard of hearing.

Why did this bother me so much?  I read and re-read books & articles about kids with gay parents – transracial families, etc and I’m so intimidated by this conversation between my baby and other little girls?  Get a grip!  I know.  I guess I’m just weirded out that I was so guarded and … “weirded out”.

Glory is a strong willed girl.  I have no doubt she’ll be able to hold her own.  But I do worry about living in a place where most kids look different and the kids(including her) are always going to be curious about that.  I just want to be better prepared so I can better prepare her.