Out Like a …Lion?

You know those weird things people say … this one having something to do with a lamb or a lion?  Or that other thing where people watch an otter or golpher to see if he pops his head out?  Well, something happened and Salt Lake City is finally experiencing WINTER!  We’ve waited for months for this fluffy white stuff and took full advanage of it this morning.

Mush! Mush!

A little snack.

So happy!!

We’re supposed to get another round tonight and I can hardly wait.  If we could be snowed in for 3 days, I’d be juuuust fine!


5 comments on “Out Like a …Lion?

  1. Tis beautiful.
    Tis 56 degrees on Tuesday.
    Tis wonderful.

  2. authenticollision says:

    Otter or Golpher? What did I tell you about blogging before you have your coffee? First, of it, it’s “gophers” and secondly, what you really mean is groundhog. But now all I can think of is little heads of “golphers” (golfers) popping up out of tee holes—like in the Whack-A-Mole game!

  3. authenticollision says:

    “First of it…” ? <— OH NO!! It's contagious!!! ;o)

    • Keri says:

      “first of IT”…haha! You deserve that slip for coming on to MY blog and correcting my error(s)! Ha! But because I’m nice, I’ll leave “golpher” just as I’ll leave your “it”. Fair & sqaure!

      …and from now on, it seems you ARE my morning coffee. 🙂

  4. princessbec says:

    Glory is so cute!! I wish it was snowing here, but just a lot of sun shine : )

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