Life On the Farm

Spring has sprung and that means that when we go to Papa’s, it’s now time to run through the garden and visit the animals.

My yodad has chickens.  At our house, we use the word “meat” when eating meat.  This is 100% due to the fact that I can’t have my baby thinking we’re eating papa’s pets.  She loves them!  He takes her in the hut (or whatever it’s called) and they pick up the eggs.

He also has a horse with the most beautiful ice blue eyes you’ve ever seen.  Glory calls him “Bay-yee”.  He’s gentle and lovely.  I won’t lie and tell you that I don’t freak out when my dad lets her walk in & out of his legs but I do think it’s wonderful that he’s so great with someone so little.

And then there’s Scape.  He’s a goat.  – with one horn.  He’s a unigoat.  He does tricks and he & Baylee are best friends.  & she may be a girl.  I’m unsure.  Anyway, Glory could watch her for hours.  She dances.

It’s all certain to lighten any mood and I look forward to the many days ahead on the farm.

Glory & her Bay-yee

Glory, Annie, Scape & Bay-yee


4 comments on “Life On the Farm

  1. Amanda says:

    Farm life is GREAT for little ones!!!!

  2. I want a farm dad. How great.
    My kids are just now putting together that sausage and bacon is pig meat.
    I hate that.
    Totally could be a vegetarian. why not, everybody is doing it.

  3. Gordon says:

    Was that fun, or what? Ba-yee (Bailey), the horse and Scape, the (female) goat asked me to have Glory over again very soon. They really love her. Especially knowing she comes with treats. 🙂
    It’s gonna be a wonderful, family filled summer at the little farm!
    I love you, baby,

  4. btmommy says:

    Bailey is beautiful! How cool that she gets to be up close and personal with these animals!

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