Mary Manners

My baby girl is 2 3/4 years old.  It was probably on her 21st day that I started talking about manners.  I know, I know – a bit early.  But really, is it ever too early for manners?

I grew up with a grandma that would never allow gross behavior – for girls.  It was fine if my brothers or boy cousins made gross noises with their body but gawd forbid I do.  At my house, it was never okay for my brothers to toot in front of me.  If they did, they got in trouble.  It just never happened.  This is still the rule around here.  Except for a few accidental (typically while laughing) situations, I’ve never heard a toot from anyone in my family … except Glory.

She’s a tooter, for sure.  I can say that now because she’s only 2 3/4 years old.  She’s the first to let you know she toots and she always says, “scoo me”.  She doesn’t laugh at it.  She hardly cares.  She responds the same way when she burps.  She’s a little lady.  My grandma would be so proud!

Until this.

The other night, I walked in to the kitchen to this disturbing site.  My grandmother is rolling in her grave.  – mostly because I grabbed my camera and tried to hold still through my laughter.  I blame Yeager.  She must have seen him do this.  It wasn’t me.  First of all, I would never let my manners down long enough to do something so unlady like.  And because I would never allow milk that close to my lips.


Back to the drawing board.


5 comments on “Mary Manners

  1. Gordon says:

    HA! Go Glory! I think it’s darling! My motto for raising children, “Choose your battles carefully. There are too many in number to win them all.” She’s a good child. 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    LOL….love it! Little Monster has a knock for saying “Bless you” whenever anyone sneezes, coughs, burps, or toots! Basically any body function sound gets an enthusiastic “Bless you!!!” from the little guy 🙂

  3. Merr says:

    OMG that is too funny! She looks like an 8 year old in this pic!

  4. She looks so grown in that picture.
    maybe it’s that she’s handling that full gallon of milk so well 🙂

    Sydney is worse than my boys…and we don’t appreciate tooting in our house either.
    She thinks they are hilarious. And why not….they tickle…they’re loud…they stink and gag everyone around you and OMG do they gag everyone.
    I’m giving them time and hoping that I can get this under control before they are teenagers.

    I agree with Gordon. battle star galactica is a tough game whildst raising small people.
    P.S. I JUST recently caught my brother doing this at my parents house. GROSS !
    Like I said….hoping to get a hold of this “behavior” before they are grown. ha ha

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