It runs through my veins.  I don’t really know when it began.  It wasn’t always there.  But even now, after not being ‘gay for pay’ for over a year, I can’t let it go.

It could be because of this man.  It turns out, my dad ran for State Senate!  Who knew?  He lobbied in DC and knows just about every single person I know in this crazy democratic community.

He is also a delegate and what a treat to hang out with him among some of our favorite Dems!

The past two weekends have been our county & state conventions.  I finally get to be a delegate again so I get to play the early game of helping to select our candidates for November.  This year was extra exciting because, at the very last minute, Cristy decided to run for National Delegate.  I wasn’t sure it was a good idea because she was insanely busy at work the last few weeks but she insisted.

She crammed the three days before convention and still came in 3rd place.  Sadly, only two females can go.  Boo.  But I wanted to give her a shout out because I screamed at her for weeks and the fact that she did as well as she did (in 3 days) tells me that she’s going to kick ass in her next election – whatever that might be.

Anyway, conventions are over and we (mostly) have our candidates.  I’m excited to work on a few particular campaigns but most excited to re-elect our President.  And you can be sure, if Cristy tries for 2016, she’ll be there!


6 comments on “Politics

  1. Gordon says:

    For me, both weekends were dream dates! I loved it…

  2. kjandthekids says:

    I think I’m a long lost daughter of Yo dad’s. Come one….it was the 70’s….everyone was sleeping with everyone. It could happen. and I like him. He’s nice and cute and super loving and always present in your life. Can I have that too. Do you think he’d REQUIRE the blood test ?

    I’m sorry to hear that Cristy didn’t make it. I can’t believe they only let 2 women go. Next time. next time.

    gay for pay (giggling)

    • Keri says:

      It’s very possible. I mean, if it happened for me, it can happen for you.
      Funny story…. The girl that told me my yodad was my dad actually said, “I’m so jealous. I even asked MY mom if there was any possibilty that he was my my dad too!” I can laugh about it, for sure!
      I feel very lucky. 🙂

  3. Keri says:

    It WAS the 70’s… 😉

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