Secret Garden

So, you remember my beautiful new beds I shared with you?  And my fantastic herb garden space?  Well, I’m still waiting for some big, beautiful plants to fill it all in but it’s coming – it’s coming!

I have this dream of what the space will look like when I’m finished.  I want a colorful bench with delicious cushions & pillows.  I want lights in the trees and if I could throw in a few lightening bugs, I wouldn’t complain.  I want gravel crunching under my feet and radish & spinach leaves hanging out of my harvest basket.

I want a table with fresh sun tea and pretty linens.  I want hanging lanterns with candles.  I want Train as my background music – Hey Soul Sister will do just fine.  But if they could hum it, that would be my first choice.  Humming is always my favorite kind of song.

I would have bird feeders where any bird could come and feast.  My birds wouldn’t discriminate &, most importantly, they wouldn’t be messy.  I would have wind chimes that reminded me of Belize.  But because I hate wind, I’d have to have a small fan to make them move a bit.

I want a large enough chaise where I could have each of my girls resting inside each of my arms.  Once it happens, you’re all invited.

For now, it looks like this:

Don’t mind all the garden glitter.  The back of our yard is shielded by Elm trees & this time of year, they shed like crazy.


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