Some days are really hard.  Seriously.  I mean, I was never one of those girls that dreamed of staying home all day with a toddler.  I know how lucky I am but I knew – without a doubt – that it would be harder than a full-time job.

But THIS hard?  I’m not sure I was totally prepared.

She’s amazing, for sure.  But she also has sass clear up to her …neck!  I think I’m being punished for every bad thing I thought of as a child.  I rarely did anything wrong but I sure considered it!

She’s talking like crazy but it usually translates to yelling and let’s be honest, she gets it from me.  When did I become such a yeller?  And sadly, I’m the only one she “listens” to so even when Cristy tries to dicipline, I end up being the mean one.

I’m looking forward to three.  I know, I know… it doesn’t end at three.  Most people tell me to just plan on being crazy until she’s four.  But when she’s three she’s be closer to four so that’s where I am today.  <grin>

But right when I’m wishing for this phase to end, I look back and realize how much I miss all that has already gone by and I remind myself to cherish it all.  The screaming, the kicking, the throwing food, the tantrums at the grocery store, … the falling asleep in my arms, the kisses, the hugs, the smiles, the sassy attitude.

As hard as some days are, the idea that I’m not missing a single moment gives me great joy.

I love you, Glory Ella.


4 comments on “Reminder

  1. kjandthekids says:

    Oh, puppy love !
    Yes. yes. I couldn’t agree with you more. Except the waiting to be 3 already. People lie when they tell you about the terrible two’s. Terrible 3’s are WAAAAAAY worse. WAY.
    I think you just have a precocious daughter who acts older than she is. This is how the 3’s are.
    I’ve actually been told that the odd years are the worst. So 3-5-7-9. This last year was tough. I’m REALLY looking forward to 8-6-4 🙂 WOOO HOOOOO ! This is going to be the greatest year YET !
    Good luck. You are a great mommy ! Just remember to pick your battles and maybe get 1-2-3 magic. It’s more for us than them.

  2. Amanda says:

    Right there with you!!! SAHM to a toddler is the HARDEST, but most rewarding, job I have ever had!!! I have also heard the “three is worse” rumor….makes me very nervous 😉

  3. staceymom says:

    3 is hard. And truthfully, I found it much easier when they went to daycare. Now that I’m home all day, I find they act up a lot more and I have to deal with it whereas daycare tired them out and they were pretty good at home. And I agree with K, 5 is a bit brutal again. I LOVE 4.

    And yes girls are sassy and dramatic. Boys are physical at have attitude.

    I’m sure you’re doing great. We all lose our cool and yell at times. It’s rough.

  4. Cris says:

    I agree with KJ the THREES are the worst! That’s all I am going to say! 🙂

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