Yeah, Baby!

So, I know every good lesbian has a crush on Jilli*n Michaels (Biggest Loser).  – except me.  She’s pretty.  She’s tough.  But she scares me and I’m just too fragile for that kind of girl.

Anyway, I read an article about a year ago where she spoke of wanting to adopt.  Turns out she was already in the process and waiting for her daughter.  A few weeks ago, she brought her home.  Seeing the photos brought tears to my eyes.  This magical little girl waited 2 years to come home to her moms.  (her other mom actually gave birth a week before she came home.  she met her new brother when she arrived.)

It got me thinking…why does it have to be so hard?  & it’s not just hard for me and my average income friends.  It’s even hard for mean, scary girls like Jillian and her partner.  There are all these children needing homes.  And all these parents needing their babies.  The solution seems clear to me so why can’t it be that easy?  I mean, these dating sites pop up and match people… sheesh!

Either way, should I somehow inherit $40K, I will have the answer.  Until then, congrats to a new mom – of 2!



Never Forget

To all of those who gave their lives.

To all of those sacrificing years away from their spouses & children.

To all of those who serve in secret – sacrificing who they are to serve their country.

& to all those who serve out & proud

We remember and honor you.


Not you, US!

When figuring out what to get Glory for her THIRD birthday, I narrowed it down to a big girl bike, a playland or a trampoline.  I love the idea of a playland in the yard but we spend so much time at the park, I’m not sure it would be that special.  And a bike?  Let’s be honest.  She’s getting that no matter what.  So it came down to the tramp.

She loves our local jump house and she loves jumping on the tramp at my cousins house.  – although she’s only been there a few times.  I did some research and figured out how much $$ I would need.  But then, outa nowhere, I found a STEAL!  $199, including the full enclosure!  That’s about 1/2 of what I intended on spending.  I got the “go ahead” from Cristy and bought it right up.

Glory got pretty antsy as it was being built.  “Can I jump?”  “Can I swing?”  “Can I JUMP!!!”  And sadly, she had to go to bed before it was finished.  Cristy stayed outside until after 10:30, finishing up the threading that was pretty much the hardest part.

First thing this morning at 7:40am… “Can I go outside?”  “Can I JUMP!!!!”

And now I can’t get her out of there.  It currently has about 8 different stuffies in it – along with her favorite blankie.  She just keeps going up stairs to get more “friends” to jump with.  Fantastic!

Thanks for the recommendation, blog friends!  You assured me that this decision would be the best one and you were absolutely right!

“Soap & Wet”

That’s her favorite thing to say these days.  It’s been hot.  90 degrees already.  I suppose we should be used to living in the desert but I’ll never be satisfied with the length or our springs.  Not ever.

Most evenings I get the hose out, just to get everything a little greener.  And every time Glory comes and stands as close as she can.  She loves water!  Here is some proof for your viewing pleasure…

We’ve also had some fun park days.  The other night, we drove to Liberty as the sun was going down.  It’s never too late for a little spider swing!

And we had a great day at Papa’s farm yesterday.  We left with a bag of garden lettuce and radishes – perfect for tonight’s dinner.  And Glory soaked up on some one-on-one Papa time.

It’s been a good week!

Looking Back…

This photo was taken 2 years ago yesterday.  It feels that long ago, I suppose.   But sometimes I barely remember her that size.  Luckily, I remember that smile – and her giggle.  It seemed everything was funny at that age.  She was almost 1 but not quite walking.

This photo was taken this time last year.  She was helping her mama plant a new tree and she ended up muddy to her bones.  I’m deciding that I miss that little girl hair.  I think the new hair makes her look like a 4th grader.  But seriously, can you stand how cute she is?

This is her now – Friday, actually.  Her favorite thing to say is, “I do it!”  She’s sassy and demanding but we can still makes her collapse in laughter when we tickle her thighs.  She’ll try any new thing and I’m sure that will make me shiver in fright one day.  She’ll be 3 in a month or so.  It’s true, I said 3.


Mothers Day For Me!

So I also wanted to write a little something about this sweet, little firecracker that makes me a mother every. single. day.  Birth Mothers Day is celebrated the day before traditional Mothers Day so this post will be throwing all that together.

It’s amazing how long I’ve waited for this baby.  I knew her name decades ago.  Most of my dreams showed her as a hispanic child – long, black hair.  I imagined her on the shoulders of my partner with sticky fingers from cotton candy.  Sometimes she was african american with deep, dark skin.  I wondered what our hands would look like together – covered in sticky cotton candy.  We only ever used dark donors so it’s a wonder that God knew who to send.

3 years ago I sat broken hearted on Mothers Day for the last time.  Because 3 years ago a beautiful, thoughtful, very tall woman was making a decision for both of us that would change our lives forever.  She has two other children who have a different father.  She knew she couldn’t care for another to the best of her ability.  She wanted more for her and I made a promise to do my best.

I have no doubt she thinks of Glory.  And I hope to share every piece of information I have about her with Glory as soon as she’s old enough to ask.  I will tell her how much her birth mother loved her – that she made the ultimate sacrifice for her and gave the greatest gift to us.  I will tell her she’s very athletic and smart – and that I can’t wait until we can meet her together.

Glory fills my heart.  She exhausts me more than I ever imagined but not more than she makes me smile.  Watching her learn and grow is a miracle.  Every word.  Every song.  Watching her fall in love with her family and friends is magic.  She names them every day again & again.

Whoever thought she was the perfect girl to complete my life was right.  Whether it was the stars, my good friend Jesus, or just her amazing birth mom – I am thankful.