She Sleeps

Sometimes.  And, of late, not until after 10pm.

What happened to my 8:30pm, out like a light, baby girl?  It’s been 4 nights of later than 10 and 1 night of almost midnight.

Sleep God, it’s me, Keri.  I’m not the girl who wants me baby to stay up late so we can sleep in.  And eve if I was, she still wakes up at the exact. same. time. – no matter how late she’s up.

She fights it.  She acts like sleeping is a chore – like she’ll be missing the best part of the day.

Last night, like many, I went in to check on her and found her like this…

She was asleep in her closet.

Dreaming of shoes, I assume.

And before I forget, May the 4th be with you.


3 comments on “She Sleeps

  1. I love it.
    Sometimes it’s because you’ve gone past the point of no return. Try putting her to bed earlier…even at 7:30. She is probably just getting her second wind and that’s NEVER a good thing 🙂
    Keep it consistent. Always. You guys have busy wonderful lives so I know that it can be hard sometimes…but just think….sleep is the most important thing.
    Good luck.
    Sleep SUCKS ! Our kids go down great….but it seems like at least 3 of them are up on and off all night. blah !

  2. Shannon says:

    I find that our little guy sleeps worse and gets up earlier when he’s up late. If we put him to bed by 7:30, he sleeps in longer. I agree with what KJ said about them getting a second wind. And they sleep worse when they’re overtired.

    Not that any of this helps you get her to go to bed. 😦 That picture is pretty cute, though. 🙂

  3. staceymom says:

    Oh dear, I feel for you. Our kids never want to go to sleep until 9:30 pm most nights these days It’s been 10 lately too. And I’ve tried moving bedtime up and they just stay awake in bed longer and it frustrates me more.

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