Zoo Makeover

We’re not a big city and we don’t pretend to have a zillion dollar zoo but I’ll admit, I’m SO excited for our “new” zoo to open in THREE WEEKS!

They started the renovation about 70 3 years ago.  Around that same time, someone killed our zebra’s.  So we lost all the bears & zebra’s and a giant hunk of our park.  But now… NOW it’s about to open with a ton more acreage – not to mention BEARS and SEALS and an entire underwater experience!

I renewed our membership the other day so if you’re looking for a fun day, I can get a guest in for free.  Until I show you our fancy new digs, you’ll have to “bear” with my photos from the other day.  😉

How we measure up!


2 comments on “Zoo Makeover

  1. Stefani says:

    I have a picture of my son trying to nurse off the gorilla statue! That was this last Christmas time. I like the Hogle Zoo. It’s comparable to the Oakland zoo and close to the San Francisco zoo!

  2. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. We’ll have to check that out !

    oh and don’t forget….we did get to keep that sweet baby elephant 🙂

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