Dear Mr President

Just last night I got in to an arguement about your “lack of motion” on my behalf.  There have been a lot of conversations around my disappointment in this first term.  I feel like you spent a lot of time listening to our community and, although there have been many moves forward, I thought the conversation would be louder by now.

My friend announced he would be voting for Roseanne Barr in November.  I know, it sounds like a joke.  I wish it was.  And although I giggled, I know that a vote toward anyone but you is a vote for Romney and … don’t even get me started on that guy.

I announced that I will do my best to get you re-elected but if you don’t scream your love for me, loud & clear, I will stand back and allow my friends to say you were a fraud.  To write that even makes my heart hurt.  But having a 2nd term to get it all done it very do-able.  & if I believe anything about you, I know you can do it.

Then today… as I was walking through a garden with my adorable, darling daughter, I got a text!  It seems you decided to show your love for me (& those I love) sooner than I thought.  You came out!  You came out in support of gay marriage!  & not just mine – ALL the gays!  & that doesn’t just validate me but it also shows my children that the relationship between their parents really is a big deal if it’s supported by the President we all love so much.  & I don’t need to tell you how much your words mean to the gay child growing up who doesn’t believe he’ll see gay marriage in his lifetime.  It’s hope.  And that’s what you said the first time around.

I just wanted to thank you.  & I wanted to tell you that even though I was already going to break my back to make sure you got re-elected, now I’ll be doing it with my full heart.

I’m in.  Yes. We. Can


3 comments on “Dear Mr President

  1. Gordon says:

    I love your letter, Keri. It boggles my mind how quickly people like Troy become frustrated and begin to turn on someone who has accomplished so much in a relatively short period of time. Remembering that our President came into office in one of the worst situations any presidents in history has face, the wars alone have proven nearly insurmountable but between the wars and the Wall Street fiasco, I am happy just to be where we are today. Most importantly, I believe President Obama is hard working and has put forth an honest effort, unlike his predecessor and his crew who rarely did anything honestly.
    As a strong supporter of the gay community, I can understand why straight people like “Good Gail” sometimes become disenchanted and move quietly away believing their efforts are not appreciated. Troy is probably harmless enough but he has a microphone and a loud voice and I do not believe he serves the community well by verbally attacking people who only wish the best for him and the gay community of Utah. Another four years will see some real progress for progressive issues in general. Especially if he has an improved Congress.
    Rosanne Barr indeed.

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