“Soap & Wet”

That’s her favorite thing to say these days.  It’s been hot.  90 degrees already.  I suppose we should be used to living in the desert but I’ll never be satisfied with the length or our springs.  Not ever.

Most evenings I get the hose out, just to get everything a little greener.  And every time Glory comes and stands as close as she can.  She loves water!  Here is some proof for your viewing pleasure…

We’ve also had some fun park days.  The other night, we drove to Liberty as the sun was going down.  It’s never too late for a little spider swing!

And we had a great day at Papa’s farm yesterday.  We left with a bag of garden lettuce and radishes – perfect for tonight’s dinner.  And Glory soaked up on some one-on-one Papa time.

It’s been a good week!


2 comments on ““Soap & Wet”

  1. kjandthekids says:

    ha ha ha I love it.
    You know, one day I’ll need to go to my dad’s farm too. Introduce my kids to their papa. 🙂

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