Not you, US!

When figuring out what to get Glory for her THIRD birthday, I narrowed it down to a big girl bike, a playland or a trampoline.  I love the idea of a playland in the yard but we spend so much time at the park, I’m not sure it would be that special.  And a bike?  Let’s be honest.  She’s getting that no matter what.  So it came down to the tramp.

She loves our local jump house and she loves jumping on the tramp at my cousins house.  – although she’s only been there a few times.  I did some research and figured out how much $$ I would need.  But then, outa nowhere, I found a STEAL!  $199, including the full enclosure!  That’s about 1/2 of what I intended on spending.  I got the “go ahead” from Cristy and bought it right up.

Glory got pretty antsy as it was being built.  “Can I jump?”  “Can I swing?”  “Can I JUMP!!!”  And sadly, she had to go to bed before it was finished.  Cristy stayed outside until after 10:30, finishing up the threading that was pretty much the hardest part.

First thing this morning at 7:40am… “Can I go outside?”  “Can I JUMP!!!!”

And now I can’t get her out of there.  It currently has about 8 different stuffies in it – along with her favorite blankie.  She just keeps going up stairs to get more “friends” to jump with.  Fantastic!

Thanks for the recommendation, blog friends!  You assured me that this decision would be the best one and you were absolutely right!

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3 comments on “Tramp!

  1. kjandthekids says:

    YAY ! She is going to LOVE it.
    Our tramp gets USED every day and even this last winter (it was such a mild winter we never did put it away)
    I love it. and it’s a great exercise for adults….holy crap. I don’t know how I was able to jump for hours on end as a child. I can make it about 5 minutes now. 🙂

    • Keri says:

      You were one of those girls that recommended getting it over a playland. I WAY appreciate that. We love it! And God knows I could use the excersise too.

  2. raztaz says:

    we love ours too!! lots and lots of fun for the whole family ; )

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