Welcome Back!

I know it’s been a while.  We took off for San Diego for a few weeks and I just didn’t have it in me to take a peek at my computer.  (posting pictures on fb totally doesn’t count – wink!)

We left quickly after Glory’s birthday and much of the trip focused around celebrating her.  I’m still having a hard time with the idea that she’s 3. – that there was life before her.  – that she’s farther and farther away from all the things that allow me to pretend that she’s still a little 6 lb peanut in my arms.

Another thing, we came back early because Glory started pre-school.  Jesus was watching out for me and somehow a single spot opened at our favorite choice of schools.  She started Monday and is doing wonderfully!  She’ll go 3 days a week –  about 6 hours a day.  On top of that, she’s almost fully potty trained.  No more diapers.  No more pull-ups.  Not at nap time or bedtime or any time.  There’s still an average of an accident every day but it’s usually our fault.  – timing, location, etc.  She’s amazing and I’m really proud of her!

& another thing… I got a job.  I know, I know – I hadn’t quite decided whether or not I was ready to go back to work but then this most fantastic opportunity arose and the stars all fell in to place.  It’s terribly flexible so my hours are only the hours that Glory goes to school.  It’s also located around the corner from her school so I can sneak over there for special activities – easy peasy!  Plus, it’s non-profit work and I just wasn’t sure I could do anything again that didn’t fill my heart.  I’ll be working with care givers (parents, foster parents, child care providers, etc) of children who suffer from trauma &/or abuse – doing education and outreach.  I’m excited and feel extra lucky to have them work so easily with me.

I promise to give you all the goods on our vacation.  Next time.  But now you know what we’ve been up to.   – Can’t wait to snoop around & see what you’ve been doing.


6 comments on “Welcome Back!

  1. Wow, Preschool and a new job…big changes! I was wondering where you took off too. Glad you had a great trip and I couldn’t agree more that it’s hard to swallow that we’ve got 3 year olds! Once tiny little peanuts are now walking, talking adults! Good job on potty training.

  2. Gordon says:

    There you see? Since your childhood I’ve tried to instill the fact that good things DO happen to good people. 🙂 xoxox

  3. Hutch says:

    I imagine this is the job I was called about. Super happy for you!! Glad you’re having such a great summer.

  4. Jacqui says:

    You are a remarkable woman ! I am sure this new job will be a great journey for you and the families you will be helping.

  5. Lori says:

    The director of that school goes to our church. 😉

  6. raztaz says:

    Congrats on the new flexible job!! That’s how I wound up starting my business, flexibility and stars aligning, quite by accident while i wasnt interested, and it was the best thing to ever happen professionally for me!! Hope it’s just as awesome for you!!

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