Just Keep Swimming

As you know, our daughter is 3.  This has been a lot harder than I imagined.  I wasn’t prepared for all the things that come with being 3.  She started school and, for the first time in a year and a half, is away from me 3 days a week.  She potty trained in a matter of days.  No more diapers or pull ups or anything but cute little panties that cover that cute little butt.  And now she no longer has her binky at night.  I know, it should’ve been the first thing to go but I just couldn’t do it.  I was hanging on to the last little “little” thing.

It’s painful.  And last weekend, we went through the garage and gathered all things baby to pass along to other babies.  Ugh.  I’ve held it, hoping for another somehow.  But I’m thinking the time has passed and hanging on to it was just a reminder that she’s big.  Plus, we really had a lot of stuff.  2 of everything because I had stuff here and at my old office.  Crazy!

My baby is a little girl.  She talks.  She argues.  She pretends and rides bikes.  She drinks from a cup and “reads” books by herself.  (really just makes it up as she goes)  “Once a time….” and so on.  She’s perfect.  She just weighed in at 40 lbs and is 40 1/2 inches tall.  When I looked up how tall she’ll be based on her height at age 3, it seems she’ll be around 5′ 9″.  That means she’ll have every opportunity I did but hers will also include volleyball, basketball, super modeling, etc.  – I’m still not sure what mine were.  <grin>

I think we’ll start some mommy/daughter traditions soon.  I always wished for those.  And now that she’s on her way to 5’9″, I need to pick some sports for spring.  Soccer, t-ball, hop-scotch…