D Day, Black Friday, Dark Thirty…


73 years ago, this June, was the Battle of Normandy.  I wasn’t there, clearly.  But we have the proof in our history books.  (I’ll get back to that part.)  So we know the battle lasted for months and that it was one of the worst in our history.  The actual invasion was one of the largest assaults in history and required crazy, secret planning. Months, if not Years.  Prior to D-Day, those involved created a deception campaign, designed to mislead the “bad guys” about the intended invasion target. By late August 1944, all of northern France had been liberated, and by the following spring the Allies had defeated the bad guys. It was the beginning of the end of war in Europe.

Sound familiar?

That piece of history has been on mind because I find myself on each side.  I mean, we were completely part of a deception campaign, right?  This election was like a reality show – where the camera never really focused on what was actually happening.  We heard that Hillary Clinton may be dying of some disease.  We were shaken with the idea of every single Wiki Leak but weren’t excited “enough” to wonder (truly) where they were coming from.  The polls kept us at ease because the absurdity of anything else couldn’t seem true.  But their plan worked.  They didn’t focus on us.  They focused on the electorate.  (I’ll get back to that.)  They were so mean about neighbors that we didn’t notice the fear they were creating and promises they were making with crowds of people who will be hurt most.  They won.

And now it’s here.  This day I have dreaded. And I’ll be honest, I am stunned.  I’m still unsure how we got here.

I live in a red state so losing comes naturally for me.  But this guy?  C’mon.  There was a fleeting moment, even in Utah, where I thought that “less wrong” would win.  I didn’t have too much faith in that but I really counted on the rest of you to pull us through – the way you typically do.

8 years ago, I gathered with some of my favorite people to watch the inauguration of the most loved President of my lifetime.  And today, the 45th President entered office with the lowest approval record ON record.  He lost the popular vote by more than 3 million.  He said some of the most hurtful, blatantly hateful things I’ve ever heard on live television.  He mocked differed abilities.  He said disgusting things about women.  He put terror in the hearts of brown children everywhere.  He was crude and ill mannered in every debate, interview & speech.

And yesterday, some awful friend suggested I watch something called Hate Rising – or something like that.  I’ve avoided exposing myself to that side of humans for a while but I watched it.  So you don’t have to, I’ll tell you it’s about hate groups that are growing in numbers – because they now have “permission” in a way that they haven’t in decades. And they all give credit to the 45th President.  Go him.

So many lessons learned.  & more to come.  We can look back on our history and never allow that kind hatred to come around again.  We’ve seen entire groups of people tormented and even killed because of who they are.  Never again.  Our election process has been spoiled.  I would say he cheated but there’s so much more to it than that.

On the flip side, here we are.  They way that Normandy began the undoing of WWII, Women and minorities will undo this cabinet.  It seems we might have 3 years, 11 months, 30 days and about 12 hours to deal with this one but I believe in us!

Let’s fix it.  Not yesterday or today.  Maybe not for a few more days.  I am mourning.  (I’ve avoided reading fb.  Or watching/listening to ANY news program. My tv is on Friends reruns.  Don’t call me.  If you do, I’ll be crying.  I can’t seem to stop.  It’s personal.) But I’ll be ready really soon.

Come with me!