WW – What a Difference a Year Makes


Easter 2012


A Very Bowden Easter

Now that I have two families, you get to deal with all these seperate holiday posts.  Lucky you.  And us.  🙂

We woke up early Easter morning.  Glory waited patiently for Yeager to drip out of bed.  They walked to their baskets together and it was just about the sweetest thing ever.  He got clothes – because he’s cool like that.  She got a bunch of toys, a stuffie, etc – and nothing mattered as much as the m&m’s.

My entire “mom’s side of the family” came over for brunch.  It was fantastic!  We haven’t all got together since Christmas and I was really missing everyone.  It was a little bitter sweet, remembering that last Easter was the last day I ever talked to my Rich dad.  A whole year.  But everyone here felt perfect and I took 162 pictures to prove it.

Lucky for you, I’ll only post a few.

It began with the hunt…

Lucky for Glory, all her bigger cousins gave her their winnings.

Then a nice game of family football…

Face Off!

An intimidating pose...

& they left her for dead.

And splitting the booty!

1 for me...3 for you....

All in all, a perfect Easter day.

A Very Ottley Easter

Last year, we went over to my sisters house to decorate eggs.  All the kids were pretty small and I remember feeling like I was a visitor – almost a stranger.  My other sister was there.  So was my yodad.  I was just getting to know them.  While it still seems like a very late Christmas present to say I have sisters, they are no longer strangers and being around them all just makes me happy.

Last week, my sister and my niece & nephew came to our house to decorate eggs.  Glory & Kooper held interest for a bit but the weather was nice and the back door was too tempting.  Kenedi did her share too so after about an hour, we had 28 dipped, colored & stickered.



A couple of days later, we met at the farm and had our hunt.  Papa & Annie hid the eggs and this year, she cared enough to go find a few.

On the Hunt!

& her final booty!

& on the Third Day…

Easter is one of my favorites!  I love the message of love & sacrifice – no matter what you believe.

I’ll leave today with my favorite Easter poem.  I’ve been reciting it since I was an early teen and have posted it every Easter since I started blogging.


What came first
The chicken or the egg?
What is this day all about
Hiding eggs for kids to route?

Cakes & cookies shaped like lambs
Pink Chapeaus or Pink Madames?

That’s not what this day is all about!
Who got buried, then got out?
Leaving no one Any doubt
“He has risen!” hear them shout!

That’s what this day is all about.

Post Love Fest

I do love Valentine’s.  I loved taking Glory to school and giving out suckers to her friends.  I loved watching her get treats from them – thinking it must really be a special day.  I set out her present in the morning and made her wait for her brother to open it after school.  She ached every time she saw it.  I loved delivering Valentine’s to her grandparents and cousins.

This holiday is way more about my love to watch HER than it is for her.  But in a couple of years, she’ll be all over it!  (ya know, with that great shoebox WE make for class!)  I seriously can’t wait until she’s old enough for ding dong ditch.  You did that too, right?  – dropped your valentine, rang the doorbell and ran away?  I suppose that could be a Utah thing…

Anyway, here’s some of our love to you.

Out the Window

(Im)patiently Waiting


Valentine Post

Sure, it’s gonna be sappy and sweet and gooey and you’ll most likely get a cavity but here it comes – my Valentine post to all those I love.

To Cristy who is patient and kind, I love & appreciate all that you are! I hope you like your new sunglasses, as I will surely like my new cupboard television that will always be stationed to foodnetwork.  (this will highly benefit you)
To Glory who is hardly patient but usually kind, I am so proud to be your mommy and love you full up!  You are my dream come true and every day with you is an honor.  I celebrate you today enough to also include your birthmom.  Thank you always, birthmom.
To my family – some I see, some I don’t – I hold you tightly wherever I walk and I’m grateful every minute for old lessons and new.
To Gracie who seems far away, especially on holidays, I hope your shoe box is filled with treats and you bring them home in your new glitter bag.  I love you with all my heart.
And to my friends and those that surround me, I love, love love you and thank you for always being there.  I’m a lucky girl.

Roses are Cars
Violets are Buckets
This poem makes no Sense

I read that on facebook somewhere and it made me laugh.  – my kind of poetry.  🙂

Here are some delicious photos of my morning glory this last week.  xoxoxo.

Far too excited about her new shoes!

Gazing at the Elephants

Me & My Valentine

Martin Luther King, Jr Day!

I wanted to post one of my favorite quotes today and also an excerpt from an email I got.  Both inspiring, honest and worthy of posting post after post…

“I would love it if my employer would find a way–trade Pioneer Day, say–to honor the memory of a man who rose from the shanty towns of segregation to re-endow that tarnished City we have imagined set upon a hill.

This is a man who not only spoke truth to power, but added to truth the magnificent power of non-violence. I remember as a boy, watching the March on Washington D.C. live, my father as angry as a hornet about the whole thing. Then Dr. King gave that speech and my father’s heart was completely turned around, thrown into reverse. He learned so much in those few minutes and I will never forget the transformative effect it had upon him.

I am so full of joy to have experienced his example in my lifetime. I so wish our novelists, film makers, documentarians did nore to refocus our attention on the mighty works this man wrought for the sake of the American soul. He should be honored as the true voice of America’s conscience for all time. He should be seen, heard and reflected upon in meditation groves and gardens planted in every American city, his words and deeds etched upon stones for us to ponder….

His words should be read, studied and proclaimed in every classroom and from every American pulpit, most certainly our own. I think most of us would be shocked to actually experience his intellectual vigor and vast stores of spiritual wisdom. Here is a Christian whose teachings Christians can be proud to own and will never be shamed by.”

And my favorite quote that always resonates most:

“I come to say to you this afternoon, however difficult the moment, however frustrating the hour, it will not be long, because “truth crushed to earth will rise again.” How long? Not long, because “no lie can live forever.” How long? Not long, because “you shall reap what you sow.” … How long? Not long, because the …arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”  – MLK

We’re not there yet but, every moment we spread the lessons of this man, we’re closer.