Green Thumb

So I think I’m getting the hang of this “gardening” thing.  Not to mention, I really enjoy the progress of it all.  I’m the girl who needs proof.  And plants are great at growing and then offering fruit.  I think when I helped build my greenhouse in High School, I was really supposed to feel the higher calling.

I’m practically a FARMER!  <wink>

This is my pallet full of flowers! Once it gets strong, I’ll stand it up against the entrance wall of my garden. Thank you, Pintrest!

Here’s a view of the wall my pallet will lean against.  (pallet laying flat for now)  My tomato garden has 3 beef plants and will soon have 6 cherry plants.  (ignore the geraniums)

My stacked herb garden! A little cubby for every little thing!

I’m proud.  Yes I am.



All that I need…

to make this. 🙂

Stay tuned…

Secret Garden

So, you remember my beautiful new beds I shared with you?  And my fantastic herb garden space?  Well, I’m still waiting for some big, beautiful plants to fill it all in but it’s coming – it’s coming!

I have this dream of what the space will look like when I’m finished.  I want a colorful bench with delicious cushions & pillows.  I want lights in the trees and if I could throw in a few lightening bugs, I wouldn’t complain.  I want gravel crunching under my feet and radish & spinach leaves hanging out of my harvest basket.

I want a table with fresh sun tea and pretty linens.  I want hanging lanterns with candles.  I want Train as my background music – Hey Soul Sister will do just fine.  But if they could hum it, that would be my first choice.  Humming is always my favorite kind of song.

I would have bird feeders where any bird could come and feast.  My birds wouldn’t discriminate &, most importantly, they wouldn’t be messy.  I would have wind chimes that reminded me of Belize.  But because I hate wind, I’d have to have a small fan to make them move a bit.

I want a large enough chaise where I could have each of my girls resting inside each of my arms.  Once it happens, you’re all invited.

For now, it looks like this:

Don’t mind all the garden glitter.  The back of our yard is shielded by Elm trees & this time of year, they shed like crazy.


My grandma used to say, “bloom where you are planted.  if you can’t be a blessing, stay home.”  I’m guessing it’s someone else’s quote but I always give credit to my gram.  & I’m channeling her to help me with my little garden this year.

I posted about my new beds at the end of March.  Since then, Cristy built an herb garden that I can’t wait to fill.

My Lil Helper


Each little cubby will eventually be filled with some kind of delicious herb.  And to prove it, here are my growing herbs!

This photo is actually a few days old.  Currently, every single space has a growing plant in it!  My grandma is doing her share.

So far, I’m loving it.  I’ve already planted my cold weather veggies.  Lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts… And still waiting to plants orange & purple carrots, radishes, onions, peppers, tomatoes & potatoes.  Come over mid July – I’ll make you a tasty treat!


There is nothing I love more than having something to do.  Sometimes it’s redecorating a room (or 2) or just organizing some crazy space in our house.  This year, I’ve decided to garden.

I grew up with a huge garden – about 1/2 the size of my yard now.  We each had a dedicated space and could grow whatever we wanted.  I loved having the ability to grow pretty things but it was really hard to take care of.  I swore I’d never have a garden when I grew up.  I spent far too much time pulling weeds as a child…

But look at me!  I’m no longer going to grow tomatoes in pots.  Cristy made raised beds.  – raised enough so that she won’t have to bend over to help.  Glory can reach right in.  And on top of that, they’re beautiful!  Two beds 4’x6′ & room for plenty more as it grows!

This weekend we’re buildilng this herb garden.

To make sure I have delicious food to food these with, we did this project yesterday.

I’m hoping to be good at this.  My yodad & Annie have a huge garden and I still plan to come over & play there but hopefully we won’t have to take as much home.  We’ll see.  😉

Post Oscar

Sure, I’m a little late in posting my Oscar picks so I’ll just give my 2 cents on the whole thing.

Billy Crystal was fine.  People just find mean things to say.  It’s true, he had too much botox but he was as funny as he always is and his whole job is to just keep people watching.  Ratings were up.  All is well.

Viola & The Help didn’t get as much attention as I had hoped but I loved that Octavia won best supporting.  & Christopher Plummer  & Meryl Streep easily gave the best speeches.

The Cirque de Soleil number was amazing, yes?  I was in awe – especially with the girl that held her whole body upside down with her left arm.  Are these people made in a factory because I really don’t understand that kind of strength.

I was super excited about “Man or Muppet” winning best song because I saw this movie a 2nd time and cried just as hard as the 1st.  There’s something about that show that gets me.  Maybe it’s the memories of Sunday nights when I was a kid.  Anyway, happy they got that recognition.

About those dresses…

Gweneth…who else, in all the earth, could pull that off?  & a cape for the red carpet.  delicious.
Emma Stone – perfection.  her dress made her even more funny.
Michelle Williams – beautiful.  I think most of my love for her still comes from Heath Ledger but still…
Penelope Cruz – color.  Isn’t she lovely?

Angelina’s leg?  I thought the pose was a bit awkward but seriously, who cares?  She’s beautiful!  She has an amazing (right) leg – why wouldn’t she purposely throw it out like that?  & that hip bussle in her dress, my GOD!  I’m a fan.

I hardly saw any of the nominated films and I didn’t see The Artist so I won’t object to them winning almost every damn thing.  & now I will certainly see this movie before it leaves the theater.  Although, now that I think about it, it’s the perfect movie to watch at home because Glory can be as loud as she wants.  <grin>

Now if I could get a sitter volunteer for the next 10 weeks, I can catch up on something other than dresses.


So I’m not religious.  And 40 days is a really long time.  But I do love Jesus and the idea of giving something up – a sacrifice – doesn’t seem like too much in comparison, right?  But then I went back through the years and thought about things I’ve given up.  Red meat, any meat but fish, cafe mochas, chocolate, soda, french fries, some dumb girl, another dumb girl, and so on.  What next?

I want to succeed.  I want to feel good at the end – you know, like I really wanted what I gave up but feel great that I was able to keep my promise.  Blogging was an option but that just seems mean.  (to me)  Facebook would be a good alternative but then I’d miss seeing all my friends that don’t blog.  I should give up Criminal Minds because it gives me nightmares but it’s just SO good – I’d surely fail at that.

Instead, 2 things.  Every morning, I will stretch and reflect on the blessings in my life.  There’s nothing bad about being more bendy and I really do have that much to be grateful for.  And I will not drink any brown soda.  This one isn’t hard, as I don’t drink much soda now but it’s something, right?  I realize this doesn’t mean much to Jesus and I certainly can’t give my brown soda to the poor (part of the meaning of Lent) but I will give to the Food Bank before Easter.  – $$ and food donation. So…3 things.

These are my sacrifice(s).  Not much.  But doable.  I’ll be proud of myself on Easter morning!  As a non-catholic, I think this is pretty good.  Welcome to Ash Wednesday.  🙂