D Day, Black Friday, Dark Thirty…


73 years ago, this June, was the Battle of Normandy.  I wasn’t there, clearly.  But we have the proof in our history books.  (I’ll get back to that part.)  So we know the battle lasted for months and that it was one of the worst in our history.  The actual invasion was one of the largest assaults in history and required crazy, secret planning. Months, if not Years.  Prior to D-Day, those involved created a deception campaign, designed to mislead the “bad guys” about the intended invasion target. By late August 1944, all of northern France had been liberated, and by the following spring the Allies had defeated the bad guys. It was the beginning of the end of war in Europe.

Sound familiar?

That piece of history has been on mind because I find myself on each side.  I mean, we were completely part of a deception campaign, right?  This election was like a reality show – where the camera never really focused on what was actually happening.  We heard that Hillary Clinton may be dying of some disease.  We were shaken with the idea of every single Wiki Leak but weren’t excited “enough” to wonder (truly) where they were coming from.  The polls kept us at ease because the absurdity of anything else couldn’t seem true.  But their plan worked.  They didn’t focus on us.  They focused on the electorate.  (I’ll get back to that.)  They were so mean about neighbors that we didn’t notice the fear they were creating and promises they were making with crowds of people who will be hurt most.  They won.

And now it’s here.  This day I have dreaded. And I’ll be honest, I am stunned.  I’m still unsure how we got here.

I live in a red state so losing comes naturally for me.  But this guy?  C’mon.  There was a fleeting moment, even in Utah, where I thought that “less wrong” would win.  I didn’t have too much faith in that but I really counted on the rest of you to pull us through – the way you typically do.

8 years ago, I gathered with some of my favorite people to watch the inauguration of the most loved President of my lifetime.  And today, the 45th President entered office with the lowest approval record ON record.  He lost the popular vote by more than 3 million.  He said some of the most hurtful, blatantly hateful things I’ve ever heard on live television.  He mocked differed abilities.  He said disgusting things about women.  He put terror in the hearts of brown children everywhere.  He was crude and ill mannered in every debate, interview & speech.

And yesterday, some awful friend suggested I watch something called Hate Rising – or something like that.  I’ve avoided exposing myself to that side of humans for a while but I watched it.  So you don’t have to, I’ll tell you it’s about hate groups that are growing in numbers – because they now have “permission” in a way that they haven’t in decades. And they all give credit to the 45th President.  Go him.

So many lessons learned.  & more to come.  We can look back on our history and never allow that kind hatred to come around again.  We’ve seen entire groups of people tormented and even killed because of who they are.  Never again.  Our election process has been spoiled.  I would say he cheated but there’s so much more to it than that.

On the flip side, here we are.  They way that Normandy began the undoing of WWII, Women and minorities will undo this cabinet.  It seems we might have 3 years, 11 months, 30 days and about 12 hours to deal with this one but I believe in us!

Let’s fix it.  Not yesterday or today.  Maybe not for a few more days.  I am mourning.  (I’ve avoided reading fb.  Or watching/listening to ANY news program. My tv is on Friends reruns.  Don’t call me.  If you do, I’ll be crying.  I can’t seem to stop.  It’s personal.) But I’ll be ready really soon.

Come with me!


Dear Mr President

Just last night I got in to an arguement about your “lack of motion” on my behalf.  There have been a lot of conversations around my disappointment in this first term.  I feel like you spent a lot of time listening to our community and, although there have been many moves forward, I thought the conversation would be louder by now.

My friend announced he would be voting for Roseanne Barr in November.  I know, it sounds like a joke.  I wish it was.  And although I giggled, I know that a vote toward anyone but you is a vote for Romney and … don’t even get me started on that guy.

I announced that I will do my best to get you re-elected but if you don’t scream your love for me, loud & clear, I will stand back and allow my friends to say you were a fraud.  To write that even makes my heart hurt.  But having a 2nd term to get it all done it very do-able.  & if I believe anything about you, I know you can do it.

Then today… as I was walking through a garden with my adorable, darling daughter, I got a text!  It seems you decided to show your love for me (& those I love) sooner than I thought.  You came out!  You came out in support of gay marriage!  & not just mine – ALL the gays!  & that doesn’t just validate me but it also shows my children that the relationship between their parents really is a big deal if it’s supported by the President we all love so much.  & I don’t need to tell you how much your words mean to the gay child growing up who doesn’t believe he’ll see gay marriage in his lifetime.  It’s hope.  And that’s what you said the first time around.

I just wanted to thank you.  & I wanted to tell you that even though I was already going to break my back to make sure you got re-elected, now I’ll be doing it with my full heart.

I’m in.  Yes. We. Can


It runs through my veins.  I don’t really know when it began.  It wasn’t always there.  But even now, after not being ‘gay for pay’ for over a year, I can’t let it go.

It could be because of this man.  It turns out, my dad ran for State Senate!  Who knew?  He lobbied in DC and knows just about every single person I know in this crazy democratic community.

He is also a delegate and what a treat to hang out with him among some of our favorite Dems!

The past two weekends have been our county & state conventions.  I finally get to be a delegate again so I get to play the early game of helping to select our candidates for November.  This year was extra exciting because, at the very last minute, Cristy decided to run for National Delegate.  I wasn’t sure it was a good idea because she was insanely busy at work the last few weeks but she insisted.

She crammed the three days before convention and still came in 3rd place.  Sadly, only two females can go.  Boo.  But I wanted to give her a shout out because I screamed at her for weeks and the fact that she did as well as she did (in 3 days) tells me that she’s going to kick ass in her next election – whatever that might be.

Anyway, conventions are over and we (mostly) have our candidates.  I’m excited to work on a few particular campaigns but most excited to re-elect our President.  And you can be sure, if Cristy tries for 2016, she’ll be there!

Human Dignity Rally Today!

If you live where I live, I hope to see you today at the Capitol.  4pm sharp!

A group of fantastic humans have put together a gathering to demand an ear from our legislature – they’re calling it a Human Dignity Rally.


The juxtaposition could not be any more stark.
 Prop 8 is overturned in California and marriages could start again soon.  Washington just passed in their legislature full marriage equality.  They join six other states as well as DC offering full marriage.  12 States offer… some sort of legal recognition of LGBT relationships; less than 12 states have statewide non-discrimination policies that cover sexual orientation AND gender identity. While the rest of the world debates true equality, Utah is another story entirely.
Utah: denies us the basic protection to not be forcibly fired or removed from our homes for the simple reason that we are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender!
We can’t take this sort of BULLYING from the legislature anymore.  A revolution is beginning and we want to start it off with a rally at the State Capitol. Join us for a showing of force by the LGBTQ community and our allies as we say enough is enough.  We deserve our HUMAN DIGNITY.
Hope to see you there!

The West Coast is Catching Up!

This afternoon, after putting Glory down for her nap, I sat down to listen to the House hearing in the Washington state legislature.  I knew it would be great.  They had done their work – counted the votes – and knew it would pass.  But I still soaked up every minute of love spewing back to front as many legislators stood to pledge their support.

The final vote was quick and lovely.  Just like that – it will be sent to the Governor who will sign it and make the State of Washington the 7th across the land to grant full quality.  Just like that, Washington jumped five steps ahead to places I would like to live.

All afternoon I dreamed about living somewhere … else.  I no longer have that itch inside me to make things right around here.  Is it wrong that I feel like I’ve put in my time and I’m ready to live somewhere where someone has already done the work for me?  Sure it takes away the pride but God knows it’s been a rough ride and we’re nowhere closer, sadly.

Anyway, three cheers for WA!  3 cheers for the west coast this week!  And 3 cheers for all the folks that did all the work so a girl like me can, one day, move to a more friendly part of the Kingdom.

… I should also mention that, while I was intently listening to all the online love, my “napping” daughter was painting her bedroom with hair oil and lotion.  All of her long-haired stuffies and now, most certainly, moisturized.

A Great Day for the Constitution!

Another historic ruling!  The Ninth Dist Court ruled2-1 that California’s Prop 8 is unconstitutional – revalidating everything we already knew.

As someone who married in the 2008 window, the validation feels fantastic.  But even more importantly, as someone who believes in equality for ALL people, it’s another step in a very good direction.

It will be appealed and, most likely, sent to the SCOTUS.  They could turn the case back and make CA the next state to grant marriage equality (unless WA and MD beat them!) or they could hold it and decide whether or not they agree with Judge Walker.  Hard to say what to wish for… unless…

I’ve always been a builder.  “If you build it….” bla bla bla.  One state at a time and we’re already to six.  (& DC)  & 5 that offer Civil Unions.  That’s a pretty big deal in just more than a decade.  I’m not saying we should ever accept crumbs but marriage equality (in any state) is No crumb. I remember when VT first approved Civil Unions and you had one side mad that they didn’t wait for marriage and the other side mad that they were jumping too quickly.  But they gave others permission to jump – others like, CT, DE, NH and even IOWA. Iowa!  …still surprises me.

At the same time, this could be our chance.  Just imagine the Supreme’s ruling Prop 8 unconstitutional.  Imagine it just for a minute. Lawsuits filed instantly in the leftover states and most succumbing to the fact that they can’t bully any longer – that it’s time to put down their dukes and join the parade.  1 by 1, the coasts creep toward each other in a beautiful shade of (democratic) blue.  Lovely, just lovely.

It’s a great time to be alive.  It’s a great time to watch the landscape change from coast to coast.  It’s a great time to stop for a minute and think about all those before us, who worked tirelessly in a much harsher environment, and thank them – especially those that haven’t lived to see this day.

So goes California… !

A Mormon President?

I know, more politics.

First, let me say that I truly like & respect Huntsman.  Remember him?  He dropped out after NH and he used to be my Governor.  He even came out in support of Civil Unions and, if you live where I live, you can only imagine the backlash he got from that statement.  Also, about 6 years ago, he vetoed a bill that would’ve made me lose an entire year with Gracie.  I like to think it was the card Gracie made him – the one from my Gracie to his Gracie – explaining how terrible the bill was.  But really, I think he’s just a good guy who tries to do the right thing. Of course, as soon as he decided to run for President, he took back all his wonderful words and learned to talk the talk.  Anyway…

Secondly, I don’t hate Mormons.  I kind of was one for a while and still love a whole slew of them – some who are even related to me!  <grin>  It’s true.  And I don’t think they all have 6 wives and 26 kids.  I don’t think they have horns on their heads and I don’t think they are a cult.  I do, however, think that there’s no way this “Christian Nation” could see past the Mormon religion and elect one for President.  – not even one like Romney – who’s kind of wishy washy as it is.

Lastly, out of the final four, if I had to have a favorite… I don’t.  But if I had to, it would be Paul.  He’s smart, people!  He knows what he’s talking about!  I mean, he’s just as wrong as the other 3 but at least he speaks his own words, gives his own explanations and doesn’t just throw out the same 1 liners that their campaign managers are giving them.  He’s incredibly intelligent and I even agree with some of his ideas.  I would love to see him debate President Obama but that’s not going to happen.  He left FL with 9%, I think.  And if he’s that great with finances, I’m guessing he won’t want to waste his campaigns much longer.

As for the other two, Santorum just scares me.  Really.  Not just because of women’s rights (which we agree more than disagree) but it’s just all that “foundation” talk, as if he wants us to get back to horses & buggy’s.  We’re just too far to go back, Rick!  You have the love of 60 Duggars, just leave the political arena for good and start another mega church.  The idea of him running our country?  Uh!  And Newt?  Sure, he has the experience.  Maybe he looks & speaks like a President but he’s not gonna be one.  No sir!  I don’t care that he’s been married 3 times.  So have I.  (sort of)  I don’t care that he wanted an open marriage.  That’s enough reason to leave him but not the business of the country.  (shame on the ex-wife!)  But he’s old school – he’s a good ‘ol boy and God knows that didn’t get us anywhere with W.

Let’s just be done with the play-offs and get to the Super Bowl!  Let’s start an official betting board.  $5 a square!  🙂

I’m all IN. I’m an Obama Mama, baby!